Anatomy of a riot - radio interview with Bristol Radical History Group

Looting in Birmingham during the August 2011 'riots'

In August 2011, riots erupted in the UK following the police killing of a black man in North London. Four days of looting and battles with the authorities ensued.

We have ways of making you talk!

Review Article Hotlines: Call Centre, Inquiry, Communism (Duisburg: Kolinko, 2002).

Dole autonomy versus the re-imposition of work

Aufheben's late 1990s pamphlet, appendix and epilogue on workfare and unemployed struggles.

Intakes: Communities, commodities and class in the August 2011 riots

An article from Aufheben's Intakes series providing detailed analysis of the August 2011 UK riots.

Earthquakes, crack-heads and utopias

Review article: A Paradise built in Hell: The extraordinary communities that arise in disasters by Rebecca Solnit, Viking, 2009.

The renewed imposition of work in the era of austerity: prospects for resistance

Aufheben analyse the continuing shift from welfare to workfare in the UK.

Return of the crisis: Part 2 - the nature and significance of the crisis

The second part of Aufheben's analysis of the financial crisis.

Response to TPTG

A response to an open letter by Greek group TPTG.