Black Eye

Black Eye

Black Eye was a zine out of New York, and this book offers some of the best pieces from this fiesty, piss-and-vinegar, punk-inspired series. Pieces on living your life creatively at work, fiction starring John Zerzan, journal notes on the process of a budding anarchist leaving a Trotskyist group, the taking (and taking back) of Tompkin Square Park, the significance of play, and much more.

Black Eye was born pathogenic and perverse in a basement in the Lower East Side's Heart of Darkness in the 1980s. Half a dozen comrades armed with even fewer weapons (besides pens and typewriters, a few cartoons and quite a few ideas) set out to upend this rotten yuppified, spectacular world and provide first-hand reports of its demise. Initial articles ranged from paganism to the poverty of student life to the confessions of an ex-Trotskyist. Fiction and poetry complement revolutionary theory and resurgent utopianism. Eclecticism continues to be a virtue, is desired and cultivated, a political gesture itself in an era of heterogeneity. The common ingredient is liberation.

Black Eye wants to corrode all your received ideas and cherished ideological assumptions. It will give you a Black Eye if it doesn't open your eyes, and it might just set you on an adventurous path of zero-work role refusal and you'll discover you're a voluntary conscript in an army of conscious egoists practicing the permanent revolution of desire.

Black Eye is a proto-council of the marvelous.

Diary of an Ex-Trot by Edwin Hammer
Puppy & Kitty Prison by Tek Luxx
Out in the Park by Billy88
...and into the Streets by Billy88
Why Did the Cops Try to Close Tompkins Square Park? by Joe Braun
I Am Not A Woman -or- Those Who Fulfill a Revolutionary Stereotype Make a Stereotypical Revolution (Har, Har) by Edwin Hammer
Finding an Enemy on a Rainy Day in Philadelphia by Edwin Hammer
The Organization's New Clothes by Paul Z. Simons
Capital and Crack by Edwin Hammer
Anarchism 102: Mr Thedford
Seven Theses On Play by Paul Z. Simons
Nietzsche and the Dervishes
Squatting as Self-Determination by Mary Shelley
Lock Up Your Daughters by Sasha Forte
Take Things From Work: The Strategy of Appearance. The Audacity of Real Life as a Tactic by ummfatik
The Rule of the Roles by Edwin Hammer
How to Think Like a Jacobin by Paul Z. Simons
Some Aspects of the Vietnam War by Major Bellows
For a Congress of Weird Religions
The Destruction of the UK's Mirror of Consumption by Dave W
The Social War No. 4 by Paul Z. Simons
Watsonian Anarchism by Bob Black
John's Adventure by Gerry Reith
Decadence by Major Bellows
Book and Gun by Paul Z. Simons
Death to Democracy! by Anonymous

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