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Spanish civil war 1936-39: reading guide Library 9
The impotence of the revolutionary group - Sam Moss Library 9
On the invention of money: notes on sex, adventure, monomaniacal sociopathy and the true function of economics - David Graeber Library 9
The strategy and nature of Bolshevism History 9
Why anti-national? Library 9
The story of our origins - Gilles Dauvé Library 9
Working class cinema: a video guide Library 9
Preliminaries on councils and councilist organization - René Riesel Library 9
Marx’s critique of socialist labor-money schemes and the myth of council communism’s Proudhonism - David Adam Library 9
Council communism - an introduction Library 9
Capitalism and reproduction - Mariarosa Dalla Costa Library 9
Communism is the Material Human Community: Amadeo Bordiga Today - Loren Goldner Library 9
The workers' councils in the theory of the Dutch-German communist left - Philippe Bourrinet Library 9
Wildcat Spain encounters democracy, 1976-1978 - Los Incontrolados History 8
Paul Mattick, Jr., "The Economic Crisis in Fact and Fiction" Library 8
Bolshevik opposition to Lenin: G. T. Miasnikov and the Workers' Group - Paul Avrich History 8
My experience in the ICC - Devrim Valerian Blog entry 8
Invaders from Marx: on the uses of Marxian theory, and the difficulties of a contemporary reading - Michael Heinrich Library 8
Class: an introduction Library 8
Social anarchism or lifestyle anarchism: an unbridgeable chasm - Murray Bookchin Library 8