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Fetishism of digital commodities and hidden exploitation: the cases of Amazon and Apple Library 7
Critique of the Situationist International Library 7
Greece riots 2008 photo gallery images 7
On The Frontline Redux: The Problem With Unions Library 7
"I wouldn't want my anarchist friends to be in charge of a nuclear power station": David Harvey, anarchism, and tightly-coupled systems Library 7
Revolutionary “Termites” in Faridabad: A Proletarian Current In India Confronts Third Worldist Statism History 7
A ballad against work - Kamunist Kranti Library 7
Women in the Spanish revolution - Solidarity History 7
The prevention of communism - Radical Chains History 7
What was the USSR? Part I: Trotsky and state capitalism History 7
The politics of affirmation... or the politics of negation? Blog entry 7
Nihilist communism - Monsieur Dupont Library 7
History and actuality of anarcha-feminism: lessons from Spain - Marta Iniguez de Heredia Library 7
Democracy as the Community of Capital - Leo Björk Library 7
Bernard Reichenbach:The KAPD in retrospect - An interview with a member of the Communist Workers Party of Germany History 7
Bourgeois influences on anarchism - Luigi Fabbri Library 7
The present moment - Theorie Communiste Library 7
For a world without moral order - Gilles Dauvé Library 7
Labor discipline and the decline of the soviet system - Don Filtzer History 7
Anti-economics and anti-politics: on the reformulation of social emancipation after the end of "marxism" - Robert Kurz Library 7