Communist Headache journal

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A complete archive of Communist Headache, the Sheffield based journal from the nineties in pdf format.

Our notes for working and living represent our efforts to develop a radical methodology for examining this society, and our own observations and recommendations when we apply this methodology to various aspects of the capitalist system.

We are only a small group, and have put out these first three volumes in a hope to engage in some critical debate and to further the revolutionary cause.

Communist Headache does not exist as some formal organisation. If we manage to stir some revolutionaries from their various slumbers then we will consider this initial stage as successful. Needless to say we offer no blueprints and our analyses are far from flawless.

Taken from the Free Communist Website

CommunistHeadache Vol 1.pdf439.27 KB
CommunistHeadache Vol 2.pdf768.86 KB
CommunistHeadache Vol 3.pdf578.87 KB
Communist Headache Vol 4.pdf782.68 KB
Communist Headache Vol 5.pdf772.56 KB
Communist Headache Vol 1 Autumn 1995.docx52.24 KB
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Dec 5 2013 18:27

Thanks for sorting these out, nice one.

Dec 7 2013 15:44

Thanks should also go to Spikymike, who gave me these to scan.

I'm sure there was a Volume 6, though I gave most of my stuff away in the 90's that I'd collected to a small bookshop. The next time I see the person who did these I will ask.

Dec 8 2013 00:20

Brilliant, thanks for scanning and uploading all this!

Dec 8 2013 20:23

Wow - chance meeting to find these mentioned - seems like a ghost walking over my grave! I did 5 issues a long long time ago, then did a more arts/culture magazine whilst laid up with a broken leg for a while. I think a 6th CH appeared as a filtering of the more political content from the cultural magazines. Then children, job, grandchildren, other crap, took over, I'm sure you get the picture.

There was a zine type festival in Sheffield the other month and someone tracked me down to talk. I didn't even have copies of all the things digitised here! It seems a long time ago. I lost touch with everyone associated with publishing, writing, thinking, discussing around that time. It was the cusp of the internet era - you felt you could be on top of things with a few meetings and trip to the bookfair every autumn.

Dec 8 2013 23:24

Headache, if you have a copy of the sixth issue we would like to host it here!

Oct 19 2016 23:45

great name

Apr 11 2018 08:17

Final issue just uploaded. I've listed it as volume 6 but it's actually series 2 (notes for post existence) volume 1.