Crowbar magazine

Crowbar magazine

Partial online archive of Crowbar, an anarchist squatter magazine published in Brixton, South London in the 1980s.

The Crowbar was originally the fortnightly newsletter of Brixton Squatters Aid: "initially a freesheet duplicated on waste paper, which became a rowdy class war type magazine that loved to wind up the police, council, lefties and pretty much everyone except the collective." - Past Tense Publications.

At least 49 issues were published (?) from 1983 to 1987(?). (If you know more - add a comment below).


tyneside anarchist
Jul 22 2020 17:59

No 24 was called 'The Crowbar'

24 july.1983
38 nov.1984
42 apr/may 1985 (school levers issue)
43 1985
45 1985
46 1986
48 1986/1987

Tyneside Anarchist Archive

Jul 22 2020 18:57

Excellent, thanks!

Jul 23 2020 19:20

There's an old tweet from 56a Infoshop saying 1983 was when it started.