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Partial online archive of English translations of the Yiddish language IWW newspaper, Der Klasen Kampf, published around 1919 in the US.

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Working Class H...
Apr 20 2020 19:28


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Apr 20 2020 23:04

Interesting. I know there were actually other Yiddish language IWW publications as well.
"Der Maker" (1915, Brooklyn,NY); "Der Industrieller Arbiter"(1919); "Der Industrial Arbiter Shittme" (1920, not to be confused with the anarchist "Di Arbiter Shittme")

Is there a link to partial english archive?

Working Class H...
Apr 21 2020 13:24

If you can get hold of any copies of those publications, then we are working with the Pink Peacock group to get them translated.
We managed to get one copy of this newspaper from Kenyon Zimmer, which they are beginning work translating, and translations will be posted here as they are done.

Apr 21 2020 14:17

Thank you.

Being the odd fellow that I am, I was curious as to where the publication was issued out of.

Street address being 27 East 4 Street, NYC. I must've passed it a million times over the years.
Apparently one tustve taken it as a garage (which at some point it probably was, then, perhaps used as a meeting hall and offices).

Apparently what used to be the beginning of the "East Village" has been transformed into the outer reaches of "NoHo". The greedy capitalist bastards also want to build a hotel where this garage is (was? ..... )

There has/was a historic preservation fight over the space and the impact it might have on the Merchant's House Museum next door to the garage. ( ).

Back in 1919 this area was pretty ratty and run down, with tenements and light manufacturing building all about.