Direct Action: An anarcho-syndicalist journal

Direct Action: An anarcho-syndicalist journal

Direct Action: An Anarcho-Syndicalist Journal, a new anarchist publication from Romania.

Direct Action: An Anarcho-Syndicalist Journal is the publication of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative from Romania (IASR), representing the voice of Romanian anarcho-syndicalism. The publication is bimonthly and intends to provide the Romanian public with an accessible introduction to anarchism and anarcho-syndicalism, spreading the influence of such ideas in Romania. In addition to the theoretical content, Direct Action will seek to present the history of the national and international anarchist/anarcho-syndicalist movement, as well as news about local and global class struggles. The publication is available in PDF format (later printed) in two languages​​, Romanian and English. We intend to create a place where we can cooperate for the development and support of a local autonomous working class movement based on the ideas and principles of anarcho-syndicalism. We believe that it is absolutely necessary that the publication is accessible to anyone wishing to contribute, either through their own articles, translations or artistic creations (poetry, art).

Coming soon in English.

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Jun 24 2012 13:18


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Juan Conatz
Jun 24 2012 20:16

Is there supposed to be something atttached?

Jun 24 2012 22:45

Yes, sorry for that. I didn't know Libcom had an attach option. I will edit it now and attach the publication, but you can still download it from the website, just by clicking on the cover. Thanks for checking us out.

Jun 25 2012 12:13

This is great to see, congratulations. I wonder if it will be useful to Romanian immigrants in Spain?

Jun 25 2012 12:42

Salutation Oliver,

We already had copies distributed among the Romanian immigrant community in Portugal, but in Spain we don't have too many contacts. If you know someone in Spain that is interested in distributing copies of the publication among the Romanian immigrant community there, send us an email at so we can work out the details.

Aug 22 2015 18:03

Whatever happened to this publication & group?