The Friends of Durruti Group: 1937-39 - Agustin Guilamòn


Nov 17 2013 18:59

Do any critiques of this exist? I started reading it, and the whole "Them suckers lacked a vanguard ya'll!" strieks me as some serious bullshit. Gonna finish later, makes some interesting points.

Any critiques anywhere?

Black Badger
Nov 17 2013 21:24

You have to remember that Guillamon and the Bilan group were Marxists, sort of dissident Trotskyists, existing in a mixed stew somewhere between/among the POUM, Left Communism, and councilism. So of course the primary problem of the most explicitly revolutionary faction of the CNT-FAI (the FoD) was that they refused to come together as a conscious revolutionary vanguard to set up a dictatorship of the proletariat. Uh huh.

Nov 18 2013 06:53

I actually was pretty unaware of Guillamon's history/political situationing, so thanks for that background! wink

Nov 18 2013 07:35

Bilan was a journal produced in French by exiled Italian Bordiguists in the 30s. Guillamón is far too young to have had anything to do with it, and has criticised the limits of the group's approach in a recent interview (in Spanish):
Perhaps the confusion stems from the name of Guillamón's journal, Balance.
A new, revised edition of this book has just come out in Spanish:

Black Badger
Nov 18 2013 12:49

The deeper you dig, the better the info; thx Dannny.