S01E011 - Housing, homelessness and austerity

S01E011 - Housing, homelessness and austerity

An edition of the Novara radio show in discussion with Kit Withnail who is Irish, a Catholic, a Marxist, and an antihumanist.

Novara - a weekly show on Resonance FM discussing political theory, practice and aesthetics. Discussions and interventions will be with workers, theorists, students and activists. Hosted by Aaron Peters.

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Jun 3 2012 14:13


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Jun 3 2012 14:22

There are, it's important to note, a couple of errors - the Vagrancy Act was 1824, not 1874; and Dale Farm is in John Baron's, not Eric Pickles', constituency.

Since this edition (August 2nd 2011), squatting has been further criminalised.

Kit Withnail's article about the Big Issue and Paul Mason's article about homeless Americans are here and here respectively.

Jun 3 2012 14:54
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