The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation

The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation, Third Edition

We in the Anarchist Federation seek the abolition of capitalism and state in favour of bringing about a society based on the guiding principle ‘From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.’ This is anarchist communism. In order to achieve this we need a revolutionary organisation to undertake a certain role as part of the working class.

This pamphlet will explain why.

Politics (April 1945)

Cover (p. 97)
Wilson, R. Arthur. "Why am i fighting?" (pp. 97-99)
"Why?" - Underside view (pp. 100-102)
Comment (pp. 102-105)
Marquart, Frank. letter Detroit: the strike Briggs (pp. 105-106)
Serge, Victor. The danger was within (II). Kronstadt (pp. 107-111)
Tucci, Niccolo. notes for a political dictionary (p. 112)

Politics (March 1945)

Cover (p. 65)
Editorial (p. 65)
Comment (pp. 66-67)
Comment. Warsaw (4) (pp. 67-68)
Coser, Lewis (Louis Clair). European newsreel. The Stalintern over Europe (pp. 68-71)
Pearson, Frederick. letter from north Africa (pp. 71-72)
Farber, Marjorie. "Supermarket" (pp. 72-73)
Tucci, Nicholas. Commonnonsense (pp. 73-74)

Politics (February 1945)

Cover (p. 33)
Macdonald, Dwight. Wallace & the labor draft (pp. 34-37)
The greek tragedy (2) (pp. 38-42)
Tucci, Nicholas. Uncle Sam's uncle (pp. 42-43)
Schapiro, Meyer. A note on Max Weber's politics (pp. 44-48)
Calhoun, Arthur W.. well socialized Can american politics? (pp. 48-50)
Weil, Simone. War as an institution (4). Reflections on war (pp. 51-55)

Politics (January 1945)


Cover (page 1)
Contributors (page 2)
Greece (pp. 2-8)
Tucci, Nicholas. Commonnonsense (pp. 8-9)
French, Martin (Gallicus.) The liberals' "indispensable man": Hitler (pp. 10-13)
"It is up to you, gentlemen!" (p. 14)
A Nazi meets with CO. (p. 14)
Savage, DS. Socialism in extremis (pp. 15-18)
The American Scene. The Albany story (pp. 18-21)

Capitalism, nature, socialism: a theoretical introduction - James O'Connor

The Alberta tar sands

James O'Connor's influential 1988 article introducing the idea of a 'second contradiction of capitalism', between political economy and the environment.

"Those who insist that [environmental destruction] has nothing to do with Marxism merely ensure that what they choose to call Marxism will have nothing to do with what happens in the world." - Aiden Foster-Carter

Politics (December 1944)


Cover (p. 321)
'Twas a famous victory (pp. 321-323)
Comment (pp. 323-327)
Comment. Warsaw (3) (pp. 327-328)
Queener, Llewellyn. War as an institution (III). Inter-enemy ethics (pp. 329-334)
Goodman, Paul. Popular Culture. Notes on Neo-Functionalism (pp. 335-337)
Coser, Lewis (Louis Clair). European newsreel (pp. 337-340)
Contributors (p. 340)

Politics (November 1944)


Cover (p. 289)
Macdonald, Dwight. "Dual Power" in France (pp. 290-294)
Comment (pp. 294-296)
Comment. Warsaw (2) (pp. 297-298)
Comment. The advantages of a political education (p. 298)
Comment. Why Herr Commandant is smiling (see cover) (p. 298)
Oakes, J. Walter. Reconversion - to what? (pp. 299-303)
Tucci, Nicholas. Commonnnonsense (pp. 304-305)