The “black panther” movement

1971 article by the International Communist Party, published in il Programma Comunista, author anonymous.

Rebel Roo (issue 8, Winter 2016/17)

"Major organising efforts are just started by one or two riders deciding they won’t take this shit any more."

Rebel Roo (issue 7, May 2017)

"Average wages among Deliveroo riders are way up on what they were in January, and no one has faced any victimisation for organising. However, we know that unless we keep building our organisation and putting pressure on Deliveroo, this could all change. The bosses are itching for an opportunity to fuck us over again."

Against the rewards and punishments (against meritocracy, against coercion) - humanaesfera

Short text addressing the issue of rewards and punishments, law, rule of law, meritocracy and wage labor.

A way ahead for a new peace movement

The first pamphlet published by the Scottish Solidarity group in June 1966 about the anti-war and antinuclear weapons movements.

Solidarity (Swansea) #3.01

Issue of Solidarity Swansea published at some point from May 1973 onwards with articles about the steel industry, organisational forms in the women's movement, casualisation in the construction industry and more.

Solidarity (Swansea)

Cover of Solidarity Swansea

Partial archive of the journal of the Swansea section of libertarian socialist group Solidarity. Published from around 1970.

Solidarity for workers' full control #01

The first issue of the journal of the South London Solidarity group, published in March 1969 with articles about organisation Kelloggs, Kingsnorth power station and more.

Solidarity Scotland #2.03

Issue of Solidarity Scotland from November 1966 with articles about the Dutch Provos, mods and rockers, Hungary 56 and more.

Solidarity Scotland #2.02

Issue of Solidarity Scotland from July 1966 with articles about bus workers, seamen, tenant organising, Scottish gangs and more.