Sex Work will not be empowering until it is organised

Ashley Ryan argues against the idea that sex work as it currently exists is empowering. Originally from the website Organizing Work.


Introducton to Reflections on Mayday.

E24: Coronavirus

In which we take a break from our writing to talk about the topic on everyone's minds at the moment, the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic - and how fascists are responding to it.

E23: The Base

In mid January the latest of many US fascist paramilitary groups were thrust into the mainstream when a group of three men from the neo nazi organisation The Base, were arrested by the FBI on their way to a VIrginia gun rights rally on gun charges.

22 - Red Gyms w/ Reading Red Corner

For this episode of 12 Rules for WHAT Alex headed to Reading to interview Reading Red Corner, a red gym, martial arts club and solidarity project.

E21: The UK Election and the Far Right

The UK election has come and gone and left us with the Conservatives in power with a massive majority for at least the next five years. There are a lot of podcasts out there dissecting the election result, and we are not here to do that.

Reflections on Mayday 2000

A collection of texts reflecting on Mayday 2000: A festival of anti-capitalist ideas and action in London.

PDFs courtesy of the comrades at Sparrows Nest Archive, Nottingham.

[VIDEO] Interview with Augusto Masetti from 1964

A short televised interview with an elderly Italian Anarchist famous for his anti-militarist actions in 1911 when Italy was in the process of invading Libya.