The Workers' Struggle - where does Fosatu stand


This is the text of a famous speech given by Joe Foster, a workerist militant in FOSATU.

Towards a People's Democracy: The UDF View

United Democratic Front

This is the text of a speech given by UDF militant Murphy Morobe in 1987.

The Intellectual Foundations of the Black Consciousness Movement

Steve Biko

The essay, by Mabogo More, is an examination of the philosophical foundations of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa.

The Third Day of September (The Sebokeng Rebellion of 1984)

An eyewitness account, by Johannes Rantete, of the 1984 uprising in the township of Sebokeng.

Class Contradictions and Class Alliances: The Social Nature of ICU Leadership, 1924-1929


An examination of the class character of the leadership of the ICU by Helen Bradford.

The capacities of the people versus a predominant, militarist, ethno-nationalist elite: democratisation in South Africa c. 1973 - 1997

United Democratic Front

From the early 1970s until the end of apartheid there was a major popular democratic surge in South Africa.

Rethinking “Workerism” and the FOSATU Tradition, 1979-1985


This essay, by Sian Byrne, argues that “workerism” was a distinctive, mass-based and coherent multiracial current in the black trade unions in South Africa and that it played an important role in the larger anti-apartheid movement, and stressed class-struggle, non-racialism, anti-capitalism, worker self-activity and union democracy.

From Class Room to Class Struggle: Radical Academics and the Rebirth of Trade Unionism in the 1970s

This essay, by Steven Friedman, explores the role of Rick Turner, and others, in building the trade union movement in South Africa after the Durban strikes in 1973.

'The Future is in the Hands of the Workers': A History of FOSATU


This booklet is a history of the Federation of South African Trade Unions (FOSATU) in South Africa.

FOSATU was formed in 1979. It's roots were in the 1973 strike wave by black workers in Durban and Pinetown (part of the "Durban Moment"). FOSATU's constitution enshrined the principles of workers' control of their trade unions, non-racialism, worker independence from party politics, international worker solidarity and trade union unity.

Richard Turner & the Politics of Emancipation

Rick Turner

This is the text of the first Richard Turner Memorial Lecture delivered at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, on 12th August, 1987, by Duncan Greaves. Richard Turner, known as Rick Turner, was a radical philosopher and trade unionist assassinated in Durban in 1978.