Eleven blind leaders or "practical socialism" and "revolutionary tactics" from an I.W.W. point of view (1910)

This is a pamphlet from the IWW's official publishing bureau in 1910 about elections, the state, cooperatives, and the IWW. It begins as a polemic against 11 socialist thinkers of the time in the US, and makes arguments against coops as a strategy, labor legislation, and the idea that the state can be used to create a socialist society in favor of revolution by industrial unions.

The man that was hung

A 1917 article from the International Socialist Review about the murder of Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) organizer, Frank Little.

International Socialist Review (September 1917)

Articles from the September 1917 issue of the International Socialist Review.

‘I have seen the future and it works.’ – Critical questions for supporters of the Rojava revolution

Another ‘bullshit job’? Cooperative labour in Rojava.

Almost a 100 years ago, the US journalist, Lincoln Steffens visited the Soviet Union and proclaimed: ‘I have seen the future and it works.’[1] Ever since then, leftists have continued to delude themselves, not only about the Soviet Union, but about China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and elsewhere. After a century of such delusions it is crucial that we don’t hesitate to ask critical questions of every revolution – even if that revolution is being threatened by a brutal counter-revolution

Portugal: between two stools - Groupe de Liaison pour l'Action des Travailleurs

Portugal pamphlet cover

A critical account of the Portuguese revolution by the French Liaison Group for Workers' Action, translated and published in English in 1977 by the Social Revolution Hull group, arguing that rather than a workers' revolution it was a top-down modernisation of the capitalist economy.

Workers’ Playtime journal

WP "funny" graphic

Online archive of Workers’ Playtime, a more-or-less regular class struggle-oriented journal produced between Feb ’83 and May ’85.

Subversion first issue

Subversion first issue cover

First magazine put out by the Subversion group in May/June 1988, by former members of Wildcat. The group later decided to instead publish a free agitational journal with the same name, which restarted from issue 1 below in this archive.

Here and now #16/17

Cover of issue 16/17

Double issue of Here and Now with articles in defence of humans, on the warfare of everyday life, cyber drivel and more, with a supplement on Guy Debord.

Here and now #15

Here and now 15 cover

Issue 15 of Here and Now with articles about the search for security our society disintegrates, surveillance technology, left intellectual culture, east Germany, reviews and more.

Here and now #18

Issue 18 of situationist magazine Here and Now, subtitled "life is too short"