2007: Interview with the CNT-F's International Relations Secretary

An interview with Jérémie, International Relations Secretary of the CNT-F, during the recent I07 conference in Paris. This interview was made by CGT comrade Ronny Stansert for the Swedish SAC's magazine, "Arbetaren".

Temporary anti-Capitalist Teams

Temporary anti-Capitalist Teams

What is TACT? Temporary anti-Capitalist Teams:

Temporary - looking at examples of past and present struggles
anti-Capitalist - an analysis of Capital, class and the anti-Capitalist movement
Teams - the importance of finding ways to organise ourselves

Marx's Theory, the crisis and the abolition of capitalism - Robert Kurz

In this 2010 interview, Robert Kurz discusses Marx’s theory of crisis, the theories of “collapse” advocated by a minority of Marxists (Luxemburg, Grossman, Mattick) in the early 1900s, the implications of the “third industrial revolution of microelectronics” for capitalist accumulation, Moishe Postone’s analysis of the crisis of abstract labor, “anti-industrialism” and the anti-growth movement (Décroissants), and the meaning of “labor” as a historical and economic concept that must be transcended and replaced by “conscious social planning” and a “broad diversification of industrial production and services, implemented in accordance with purely qualitative criteria”.

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: an uncomfortable thinker - Nicola Chiaromonte

Nicola Chiaromonte's rebuttal of J. Salwyn Schapiro's article, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Harbinger of Fascism. Published in politics, January 1946.