Mutu: rethinking our radical media

Pic: Henry Langston

Is anarchist media in Britain doing enough to promote struggle and radical ideas? How could we be doing things differently? A look at the French Mutu Network can provide ideas about how to create a radical media rooted in our communities and struggles for a better world.


Assembly at the worker-run Zanon factory in Argentina




Trabalho: uma introdução

Breve introdução sobre trabalho feita por, sobre o que nós pensamos que está errado com ele e sobre o que nós, como trabalhadores, podemos fazer sobre isso.

Classe: uma introdução

Uma explicação do que nós na queremos dizer com a palavra "classe", e termos relacionados como "classe operária" e "luta de classes".

Estado: uma introdução

Breve introdução ao que nós do entendemos quando nos referimos ao Estado e como pensamos que devemos nos relacionar com ele enquanto trabalhadores.

New Years Eve prison noise protests in London

Noise protest outside HMP Brixton in South London in 2014

On New Years Eve there are protests outside prisons across the world, we spoke a member of London Anarchist Black Cross about what's happening in London.

Libertarian communism: an introduction

Assembly at the worker-run Zanon factory in Argentina

A short introduction to what we at refer to as communism or libertarian communism, what it is and why we think it is a good idea.

Tea break bulletin

Short-lived series of irregular bulletins, formerly called Dispatch, produced by admins and users of during some major workers' disputes 2007-2009.

The British West Indies Regiment mutiny, 1918 - Steven Johns

A short history of the mutiny at Taranto in Italy by West Indian soldiers in the British army at the end of World War I, which had a significant impact subsequently on anti-colonial struggles in the Caribbean.