Capitalism - an introduction's brief introduction to capitalism and how it works.

At its root, capitalism is an economic system based on three things: wage labour (working for a wage), private ownership or control of the means of production (things like factories, machinery, farms, and offices), and production for exchange and profit.

Class - an introduction

An explanation of what we on mean by the word "class", and related terms such as "working class" and "class struggle".


The first thing to say is that there are various ways of referring to class. Often, when people talk about class, they talk in terms of cultural/sociological labels. For example, middle-class people like foreign films, working class people like football, upper-class people like top hats and so on.

Haraganeando de 9 a 5: diario de un temporal reacio

Memorias de un trabajador por agencia de los muchos años que trabajó en empleos temporales en Londres, intentando ayudar a sus compañeros de trabajo y realizar el menor trabajo posible.


Red flags torn: a brief sketch of some problems with unions - Ed Goddard

Brendan Barber, Ed Miliband and Peter Hain at the TUC March for the Alternative.

An article by Ed Goddard, that originally appeared in Black Flag, briefly explaining some of the problems inherent in the official trade unions and the need for workers to take control of their actions out of the hands union bureaucrats.

The ’80s have been back in fashion for a while now. It started ironically: a stonewashed denim jacket at a fancy dress party, a “Frankie Says Relax” t-shirt. But like all ironic jokes, it’s been taken too far.

A communist critique of some aspects of early CrimethInc. - Steven Johns

A critique of early CrimethInc. writings, written by one of the libcom group between 2005 and 2006 attacking its lifestylist elements and arguing for a class struggle perspective.

In the end we never put it online, as we had more pressing things to deal with and kind of forgot about it. We decided to put it up now (2011) due to a question on our forums asking about people's critiques of CrimethInc..

Student radicals: An incomplete history of protest at the University of Sussex, 1971-75

Ed Goddard of presents the history of student radicalism at the University of Sussex in the early 1970s, with stories of rent strikes, occupations and exam boycotts against university management.

Also available as a pdf here.

Interview with the Seattle Solidarity Network (SeaSol), 2010 interviews a member of the Seattle Solidarity Network, a direct action group that is dedicated to winning small fights against bosses and landlords over issues such as unpaid wages and stolen deposits.

Who are you?
I'm Matt, currently unemployed and living in Seattle, having moved here from England six years ago. I've been a member of Seattle Solidarity Network since it started. Before that I was in the IWW in Seattle and various anarchist groups, such as the Anarchist Federation in the UK.

Briefly, what is the group?

Basic principles of revolutionary organisation

A brief outline of basic points of agreement which we think are the minimum necessary to be the basis of potentially productive pro-revolutionary organisation.

Communist: We are against all forms of capitalism whether private, state or self-managed.

Morning Star on strike! Interview with a worker

As staff at socialist daily newspaper, the Morning Star, prepare to go on strike this Sunday over pay and conditions, Ed Goddard from caught up with one worker and found out about low pay and union busting in the name of "peace and socialism."

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the origins of the dispute?

Lezioni apprese dal gruppo MWR - Intervista ad uno dei membri del gruppo Resistenza dei lavoratori McDonald intervista uno dei membri fondatori del gruppo di impiegati de “la Resistenza dei Lavoratori McDonalds” (il nome originale in inglese era “McDonalds Workers Resistance”) sulle esperienze e lezioni apprese durante uno dei più importanti tentativi di organizzazione libertaria avvenuti negli ultimi anni nel Regno Unito.

Quindi, chi sei?
Sono il proletario una volta conosciuto come Funnywump.

Brevemente, che cos’era McDonald’s Workers Resistance?