Liberation #03 (Feb 1987)

Liberation #03 (Feb 1987)

Issue #3 of Liberation, with articles on class war, a scab running someone over at Wapping, trials after the Broadwater Farm riots, a restaurant workers' dispute, a strike wave and revolts in France, religion, Bloody Sunday, updates on the CNT struggle at Vitoria in Spain, the Silentnight dispute, lesbians and gays jailed for a protest against a homophobic councillor, women's liberation and more.

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Serge Forward
Mar 1 2020 10:02

Tatty the Rat's first appearance!!!!!!11!

R Totale
Mar 1 2020 16:38

Hah, I had been wondering if it'd be worth making copies of each strip to create a mini-gallery of Tatty the Rat.

Serge Forward
Mar 1 2020 17:04

Do it!

May 21 2020 15:27

Tatty the Rat, the creation of a Luton comrade