Libertarian Struggle/Anarchist Worker

Libertarian Struggle/Anarchist Worker

An archive of Libertarian Struggle/Anarchist Worker, a publication produced by the Organisation of Revolutionary Anarchists and then the Anarchist Workers' Association in the 1970s. Originally scanned and digitised by the Sparrow's Nest.


R Totale
Mar 23 2020 16:05

By the way, a minor anarcho-nerd trivia point: I notice that the contact address for Libertarian Struggle, at least the early issues, was on Cardigan Road, Leeds. I dunno if Leeds ABC is still a functioning organisation, but I do remember that as recently as the 2010s they gave their address as being on Cardigan Road as well. Would be curious to know if anyone can confirm whether there was also anarcho activity based out of that street in the 80s/90s/2000s, so that one road could claim an unbroken 40-year-plus tradition?