The Malayan emergency in retrospect: organisation of a successful counterinsurgency effort

A 'New Village' (resettlement/concentration camp)

A report produced by R. W. Komer for the RAND corporation, detailing the measures taken by British forces during the Malayan Emergency 1948-1960, which included the forced resettlement of half a million ethnic Chinese in concentration camps 'New Villages', restrictions in food supplies and massacres.

The document was written in 1972 for ARPA attempting to apply the lessons learned in Malaya to the final years of the Vietnam War.

While the British Foreign Office archives have made available some documents relating to Malaya, there has not been any significant releases on the early part of the counter-insurgency effort, when the concentration camps were created.

This book is part of the same genre of work as Frank Kitson's Low intensity operations and is provided here for the purpose of reading the enemy.

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