North Korea: development of national capitalism

North Korea: development of national capitalism

Should the proletarians take part in the conflict opposing North Korea to the United States, Japan, and South Korea? Definitely NOT, since to get involved in supporting one or another of both sides in contention is to respond to an inter-capitalist conflict which is alien to our historical interests as an exploited class. The revolution we need to destroy Capital cannot in any way go via supporting any national State.

The official ideology of the Democratic Popular of Korea (DPRK), i.e. “Juche”, is based on Marxism-Leninism (ideology created by Stalin), spiced up with an anthropocentric philosophy, national mysticism and “Songun” (giving a central priority to militarism). All these principles are constructed and intertwined from a religious and paternalistic rhetoric.

Behind the whole fetishist spectacle of the hammer and sickle that prevailed in the so-called socialist countries, where numerous party leaders, deputies and presidents roared from their tribunes (decorated with red flags) speeches “against imperialism”, “against capitalism” or “in favor of armed struggle”, they vehemently exalted and gave victory to the very mechanisms, ideologies and structures that compose the society of Capital: homeland, nation, culture, work, school, progress, development, industry, army, family… democracy! This formula is repeated again in the North Korea.

North Korea did not at all disturb the structure of the generalized mercantile society, since there was no revolution, but only a change consisting of reforms in the distribution and management of Capital by the State.

Kim Jong Il justifies capitalism while “arguing” that “the socialist State needs to be involved in foreign trade, given the condition that communism didn’t yet triumph on a planetary scale and there are boundaries”. Nevertheless, a system that fervently defends nationalism is in complete opposition to any attempt and perspective of world revolution.

The “internationalism” which the DPRK leaders refer to is a loophole of the Third International, since it is based on diplomacy, cooperation and solidarity between States, which has nothing to do with the proletariat’s interest in the world revolution. The fact is that’s not far from the conception of the United Nations, that is to say of internationalism understood as the sum of nationalisms that have respect for each other and that converge in blocks and alliances to strengthen capitalism.

The radical critique of Capital unequivocally affirms that the DPRK is a capitalist bastion as any other country on the globe.So it is important to clarify this fact and to fight the ideological amalgam that materializes through all the Social-Democratic and pseudo-“communist” parties that pretend to drive us to the eternal quagmire of the defense of the national Capital and its progress, together with the meager imperialist war.


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Aug 30 2017 13:10

Not seen any translation of this but things are hotting up again with the latest Rocket launch by N.Korea towards Japan and with Trump following on with more Chines supported international sanctions ratcheting up the previous Obama efforts as reported before here: and highlighted briefly here:

Sep 25 2017 13:20

This rather longer article tries to analyse the background and modern history of the relationship between North and South Korea following on from the current Trump versus Kim Jong-un slanging match and within the broader framework of the increased inter-imperialist rivalry of the USA and China. It also includes a short statement issued against the deployment of the THAAD missile system by a South Korean internationalist group. One of the better texts issued by the ICC in recent times and worth a critical read in the absence of other useful sources I could find within our political milieu. Here:

Sep 27 2017 17:04

Their is a short comment on this by the SPGB here:
though it doesn't add anything to the above linked ICC text.
A much earlier piece elsewhere by a supposed expert asked 'Will China Intervene in North Korea?' maybe not so strange an idea?
Can't find anything much of use from the anarchist press but maybe others can?

Oct 8 2017 15:40

October 10th 2017 - the 72nd anniversary of the founding of North Korea's ruling so-called 'Workers Party' is expected by some to mark another long range missile firing, with Trump at odds over his own administrations softly-softly approach to N.Korea so far! and division and disarray in S.Korea and Japan as well. What to expect?

Nov 1 2017 20:01

And there is another useful short article interpreting information included in the book 'Unveiling the North Korean Economy' by Kim Byung-yeon here: