[5]Interesting documentary on Dhanbad—Dhanbad-s-Dons

[7]Work and Time: The Everyday Lives of the Jharia Coalfield Mazdoors,
1890s-1970s – Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Nite
[8]Interesting document on situation in coal belts in 1958:—0ail-aituc%2chemant%2cindrani%2cwet%2coral%2cbms%2ctexah-01-0-0-0prompt-14-Document-stx–0-1l–1-en-50—20-about-1958–001-001-1-0isoZz-8859Zz-1-0&a=d&c=aituc&cl=search&d=HASHa184d1cc86d3ad5921c4eb.129

[9]Nationalisation by Default: The Case of Coal in India Rajiv Kumar
[10]Chhattisgarh Mines Shramik Sangh was formed on 3 March 1977 at Dalli Rajhara in southern Durg district.

[11]DHANBAD Miners’ Fight against Imposters, Amiya Rao, (December 12, 1981)
[12]Class and Tribe in Jharkhand Nirmal Sengupta (EPW 1980)
[13]Jharkhand Movement, January 10, 1976 (EPW)