Oil! - Upton Sinclair

Oil! - Upton Sinclair

The loose source for the film There Will Be Blood, Oil! pits oil tycoon father against socialist sympathetic son in the midst of the Teapot Dome Scandal and unionising trouble on the fields.

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Apr 26 2012 15:43

Thanks a lot for this!

Apr 26 2012 15:53

Book sounds really good. The movie There Will Be Blood was excellent.

Apr 27 2012 02:37

Yep, I'm not a fan of adaptations much, but There Will Be Blood is brilliant, can't fault it. Great plot - two evils pitting it against each other (Baptist v Oil man), top acting, beautiful cinematography (something I find is missing in a lot of films nowadays - as well as a good script, I want something that will please the eye - it's a visual medium after all), and the music score is incredible and adds so much to the film.

Thanks for the upload, can't wait to read the book from where the film was inspired.

Apr 27 2012 11:19

Hey, thanks for posting this but the mobi file doesn't seem to be there?

Apr 27 2012 11:53

There Will Be Blood is almost unrelated to this book, hence the different titles.

Steven, I just put both tags up to make it easier to find. I do have the mobi file too if you want that.

Apr 27 2012 13:40

Yeah, please do. The mobi tag is only for mobi files, and epub for epub files

May 29 2012 22:20
Steven. wrote:
Yeah, please do. The mobi tag is only for mobi files, and epub for epub files


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Feb 6 2013 17:07

This book is great. I much preferred it to the firm