Post office - Charles Bukowski

Post office - Charles Bukowski

The job as a postal worker is a thankless one as Bukowski tries to keep his sanity delivering mail around Los Angeles. A warning, this piece is misogynistic throughout and features a rape scene.

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Nov 8 2012 16:19


  • I’ve had over 50 jobs, maybe a hundred. I’ve never stayed anywhere long. What I am trying to say is, there is a certain game played in offices all over America. The people are bored, they don’t know what to do, so they play the office-romance game.

    Charles Bukowski


Nov 13 2012 04:19

At very least this should have a trigger warning if not a disclaimer. It's worth having on here for literary value and I think it is a good insight into the work culture of the Post Office but is has some deeply misogynistic scenes and is pretty disturbing.

Nov 13 2012 07:34

I've put one in. If someone wants to edit it further, knock yourself out.