The Principle of Federation - Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (Translated and Edited by Richard Vernon)

The Principle of Federation - Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (Translated and Edited by Richard Vernon)

Translated and Edited by Richard Vernon


Richard Vernon

This edition of Du Principe federatif et de la necessite de reconstituer le parti de la revolution springs from a long-standing interest in the political and social thought of Proudhon and a novice interest in federalism. In the latter regard, especially, I have relied extensively upon the generous help of many colleagues, among whom M.W. Westmacott provided invaluable bibliographical advice, and S.J.R. Noel and L.J. Sharpe offered some stimulating and far-reaching comments on a draft of my introduction, presented as a paper in a departmental seminar. In a department as congenial and expert as my own, an author has only himself to blame for the deficiencies of his work.

As far as the translation itself is concerned, I have tried to follow Proudhon's literal sense closely enough that for all but the most specialized purposes the translation may serve as a substitute for the French original, but where literalness would be distracting I have not hesitated to adopt an English idiom. The edition used is the first, Paris: E. Dentu 1863. I have translated here only the first part and the first chapter of the second part, these being the theoretical core of the work. This work has been published with the assistance of grants from the Social Science Federation of Canada, using funds provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and from the Publications Fund of the University of Toronto Press.

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Hey this looks great! Do you think you could write a quick introductory blurb for it?

Also, in terms of titles, we generally do 'Text title' - 'Author Name' i.e. 'Marxism, freedom and the state - Mikhail Bakunin'

Thanks for the upload though. I don't think I've every seen this text before!

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Hey Ed, you are welcome and thanks for the tips, i'll make the changes tonight or tomorrow when I have more time, sorry, please bear with me. I'll post more books in the coming days, this was just a trial.

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Amazing, that's great to hear!

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I should note that most of the book is missing -- almost all of Part II (bar the first chapter), all of Part III and the conclusion. Still, part 1 is good -- and the most theoretical. Some of the chapters of Part 1 and the Conclusions are in Property is Theft!:

The Federative Principle and the Necessity of Reconstituting the Party of the Revolution

The last chapter of Part III has been translated and on-line:

Chapter IX: Slavery and the Proletariat

Some commentary on the above can be found in Proudhon: Neither Washington nor Richmond.

I've re-translated the above (as there are a few slight issues with it, I've discovered), plus another chapter and part of a chapter from Part II for volume 1 of my A Libertarian Reader (forthcoming from PM Press).

Feb 28 2019 09:30

Hi Anarcho,

That's correct and thanks for posting the links above.

Looking forward to your A Libertarian Reader!