Smash Hits: A Discussion Bulletin For Revolutionary Ideas 3 (1998)


R Totale
Aug 25 2018 15:09

Thanks for these! Don't suppose you have any idea what else the "Bash Street Kids" did - did they ever have their own paper or anything?

Aug 25 2018 17:01

You are welcome!

I think the Bash Street Kids were from Brighton.

A quick google has turned up this text about squatting co-authored by them:

Also a letter from them about "Give Up Activism" here:

Oh! And this from "Reflections on May Day":

I remember reading the latter two (and the Smash Hits text) at the time and thinking they were very good.

R Totale
Aug 25 2018 17:26

Impressed by your google skills there, I thought it was pretty much one of those ungoogleable names. In some ways they seem reminscent of Antagonism stuff I've read, but I guess maybe that's just due to similar era/similar reference points rather than any more direct connections?

That letter from the elephant below theirs is quite something too.

Aug 25 2018 17:38

Well I am a massive nerd, which has its uses wink

I think it is a bit of a generational thing, the people who passed through anarchopunk/squatting and emerged still having decent politics.

"White Punks on Bordiga" in Communist Headache and the stuff in the Aufheben piece about the Criminal Justice Bill about punk also...

R Totale
Aug 26 2018 09:27

Yeah, and also the Free Assocation (who I imagine may well've been published in Smash Hits at some point/under some name or other too?) ...And, just like that, I feel myself being sent down an rabbithole as well.

Aug 26 2018 09:45

Yes I would guess that too. Enjoy the site wink

Aug 26 2018 10:09

Here's a link to the White Punks on Bordiga article mentioned above.

Veering off topic a bit but, on the subject of the anarcho-punk scene, there are a couple of articles worth taking a look at:

“There Is No Authority But Yourself ”: The Individual and the Collective in British Anarcho-Punk

The kids was just crass

And another one more about the first wave:

When two sevens clash: punk and autonomia

Aug 27 2018 12:52

I mean...