Against the grain: the British far left from 1956

A general history of the post-1956 British far-left. Its contents cover a range of organisations beyond the Labour Party, bringing together leading experts to examine issues of class, race and gender from 1956 to the present day. The essays collected here are designed to highlight the impact made by the far left on British politics and society.

A world to win

A leaflet distributed by Solidarity at a May Day demonstration in London, probably in the early 1960s (perhaps 1961) advertising one of their meetings and promoting socialism from below as opposed to the statist socialism of the Labour Party or the USSR.

Socialism reaffirmed

A leaflet from October 1960 published by Solidarity outlining ideas upon which to base a new recruitment of revolutionary socialists in the UK.

A way ahead for a new peace movement

The first pamphlet published by the Scottish Solidarity group in June 1966 about the anti-war and antinuclear weapons movements.

Solidarity (Swansea)

Cover of Solidarity Swansea

Partial archive of the journal of the Swansea section of libertarian socialist group Solidarity. Published from around 1970.

Solidarity for workers' power: Detailed Bibliography

Detailed bibliography of the Solidarity (London) publication.

Solidarity (Clydeside) #03

Solidarity Clydeside pamphlets - Number 3 – February 1970

Solidarity (Clydeside) #02

Solidarity Clydeside pamphlets - Number 2 – July 12th 1969

Solidarity (Clydeside) #01

Solidarity Clydeside pamphlets - Number 1 – May 1969

Solidarity (Clydeside)

Partial archive of the journal published by the Clydeside group of UK libertarian socialist group, Solidarity, from 1969-1970.