Theorie Communiste

Response to the Americans on gender - Theorie Communiste

Theorie Communiste reply to some questions on their conception of the gender-capital relation.

Interview with Roland Simon

An interview with Roland Simon of Théorie communiste. Appeared in riff-raff no. 8.

Sic 1.1 - Further remarks


Further remarks and discussion on The Present Moment from Sic 1

Communization and its discontents: Contestation, critique, and contemporary struggles


Can we find alternatives to the failed radical projects of the twentieth century? What are the possible forms of struggle today? How do we fight back against the misery of our crisis-ridden present?

Les émeutes en Grèce, a review

a short review in French of Les émeutes en Grèce, a book mainly by Théo Cosme (Théorie Communiste) about the Greece riots of 2008.

Introduction to ‘A reply to Aufheben’ - A former member of Aufheben

A reply from a former member of Aufheben to Theorie Communiste. Previous entries in this debate can be found in Riff-Raff No. 8.

Crisis theory/theories: a discussion - Bruno Astarian

Bruno Astarian dissects Theorie Communiste's text 'Crisis Theory/Theories'.

The suspended step of communisation: communisation vs socialisation - Theorie Communiste

2009 text by Theorie Communiste outlining what they think the process of communisation would look like. There is also a part 2, 'Communisation vs Spheres', linked below.

Comrades, but women - Theorie Communiste

TC on the contradictions between class struggle and gender abolition.