University Worker - strike bulletin of the 2018 lecturers dispute


Mar 3 2018 17:32

Look see at some point. Always appreciate seinf this stuff. Thanx for posting

Chilli Sauce
Mar 4 2018 17:00

Thanks for posting that up, R.

R Totale
Mar 12 2018 10:24
Apr 19 2018 18:30

I wonder what people make of the Notes From Below post strike defeat suggestions for maintaining the 'fighting spirit ' and militant links forged during the strike here:
which seem to be endorsement of falling back on a traditional UCU rank and file democratisation agenda mixed in with a couple of unrelated dual union suggestions??

May 5 2018 12:49

There are some explanations of how and why the poor deal was eventually accepted by the majority of the UCU members here;
but doesn't say much about organising for the future as such.

May 10 2018 13:55

So this third 'after strike' set of comments seems more interesting in so far as there is maybe a potential basis for future action across the academic/non-academic and union divisions?