The Voice of the People Newspaper:1914

Despite difficulties, the Voice of the People AKA the Lumberjack continued publication until November 1914.

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No.26.pdf3.43 MB
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No.28 (incomplete).pdf4.04 MB
No.29.pdf3.35 MB
No.30.pdf3.27 MB
No.31.pdf3.27 MB
No.32.pdf3.09 MB
No.33.pdf3.05 MB
No.34.pdf3.17 MB
No.35.pdf3.21 MB
No.36.pdf3.13 MB
No.37.pdf3.36 MB
No.38.pdf3.35 MB
No.39.pdf3.29 MB
No.40.pdf3.28 MB
No.41.pdf3.16 MB
No.42.pdf3.78 MB
No.43.pdf3.04 MB
No.44.pdf3.12 MB
No.45.pdf3.22 MB
No.46.pdf3.32 MB
No.47.pdf3.31 MB
No.48.pdf3.32 MB
No.49.pdf3.41 MB
No.50.pdf3.55 MB
No.51.pdf3.62 MB
No.52.pdf3.65 MB
No.53.pdf3.56 MB
No.54.pdf3.4 MB
No.55.pdf3.43 MB
No.56.pdf3.35 MB
No.57.pdf3.27 MB
No.58.pdf3.48 MB
No.59.pdf3.36 MB
No.60.pdf3.31 MB
No.61.pdf3.31 MB
No.62.pdf3.18 MB
No.63.pdf3.5 MB
No.64.pdf3.22 MB
No.65.pdf2.84 MB
No.66.pdf3.12 MB
No.67.pdf3.26 MB
No.68.pdf2.87 MB
No.69.pdf3.09 MB
No.70.pdf2.84 MB
No.71.pdf2.91 MB

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Mar 9 2014 21:23

That's it (this time I'm sure) there was one other issue in December but it hasn't been digitised. Number 28 is missing its final page.