When bosses play the victim

Image: anti-union cartoon from Saturday Night magazine, 1905

Rachel Stafford takes on bosses who claim to be bullied by worker organizing. This article first appeared on Organizing Work.

Taratuta, Alexander (Ovsey-Meer) Grigorievich (Gershkovich) aka Stanislav, Sasha (1879-1937)

Alexander Taratuta

A short biography of Alexander Taratuta, Russian social democrat and then anarchist communist.

Karl Marx and the Birth of Modern Society - Michael Heinrich

Volume one of Heinrich's three-volume biography on Marx.

Letter from imprisoned may day protesters in Iran's Gharchak prison

On May May first, there was a protest in front of the Iranian parliament. Police cracked down on protesters and arrested many individuals. After 126 days, three of them, all women, remain incarcerated. Two of these women are held in the Gharchak prison, infamous for it's harsh conditions and severe shortcomings. Recently, one of them wrote a letter regarding their situation.

Some suggestions to climate strikers

A text written to distribute at earth strike/climate strike demos. Originally posted at North Shore Counter-Info. The attached documents have versions both with and without contact details for the Green Anticapitalist Front, along with a word version for ease of editing.

Chomsky’s response to Chris Knight’s chapter in the new ‘Responsibility of Intellectuals’ book

Chomsky’s relationship with war research at MIT has been a controversial topic ever since the publication of Chris Knight’s Decoding Chomsky.

Here is Chomsky’s latest response in the debate – followed by Knight’s rejoinder:

Recensie: Ernst Bloch’s Das Prinzip Hoffnung - Loren Goldner

Three volumes of Bloch’s Das Prinzip Hoffnung

Een recensie van Ernst Bloch's Das Prinzip Hoffnung (1959) die ingaat op de actualiteit van Bloch's denken over de relatie natuur/mens/techniek en de politisering van technologie en natuurwetenschap.

Class War issue 20 1986

An issue of Class War from the 1980s.

La grève du bureau de poste de Luxemourg

La Grève

La grève générale contre la conscription dans l’armée dans le Luxembourg occupé par l’Allemagne nazie en 1942.
Voilà un compte rendu au sujet de la grève au bureau de poste général de Luxembourg (pays du Luxembourg) en 1942, écrit par le fils de l’un des participants, et utilisant les feuilles de mémoire de son père.
Compte-rendu par George Kieffert, né en 1950, et fils de Michael Kieffer, un technicien du département de téléphonie du bureau de poste de Luxembourg qui, avec sa femme, a été membre de la résistance au nazisme pendant la seconde guerre mondiale.

The Workers and Peasants of Russia and Ukraine: How Do They Live? - Augustin Souchy

Augustin Souchy's work on the living conditions of Russian and Ukrainian workers and peasants in the early days of the Soviet Union.