Anarchists join fight against IS to defend Kurdish autonomous areas

Anarchists join fight against IS to defend Kurdish autonomous areas

Taken from a report by the French Anarchist weekly paper Alternative Revolutionaire this short article gives a taste of developements on the ground in the fight against Islamic State.

On Friday 26th September Alternative Libetaire reported that "Istanbul anarchists along other leftists and feminists, have managed to cross over into Syria and the northern town of Kobane which is currently threatened by ISIS.”

“For several days at the Syrian-Turkish border, the city of Kobanê is besieged by forces of the Islamic State (Daesh). Kobanê is a strategic turning point. If the city falls, the whole of Syrian Kurdistan is threatened, and with it a political and social model, that of "democratic autonomy" and "democratic confederalism" built since July 2012.

More than 100,000 inhabitants and residents have become refugees on Turkish territory.
The city is defended by the People’s Protection Units (YPG), militias linked to the PKK, and in which alongside the majority of Kurdish fighters, are also Arabs, Turks, Muslims, Yazidis, Christians or atheists, united against the fanatics of Daesh/ISIS.

Thousands of young people, socialists, trade unionists, revolutionaries, feminists, libertarians have poured in from all over Turkey to Kobanê. They go there to support the refugees and defend the city.
The Turkish army tries to disperse them, yet is accused of being much more permissive with the jihadists who are also trying to cross the border to join Daesh/ISIS

Despite the blockades of the Turkish army, hundreds of activists and militants have managed to cross the border. Among them, the comrades of the Revolutionary Anarchist Action Group, who made the trip to Istanbul to join the defence of Kobanê.

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Oct 3 2014 21:42


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Oct 15 2014 04:19

WOW! the PFLP have joined the fight?! I was just wondering when the Palestine and Kurdish connection would be physically made...

As if Spain never happened?

I think, for one, the historical context of Spain and the existence of the Soviet Union (Stalin) and that Soviet Union not existing today makes for a need of having a little bit of a different analysis. But of course, obviously, as anarchists/libertarians/left-wing communists/etc... are concerned, the ideological differences are relevant. Its not that ideology is unimportant but let ourselves ask why and where in the discussion, organizing, and action ideology plays a role.

Oct 15 2014 04:48

On another forum I just read that the YPG has retaken a strategically important hill 4km from Kobane. I am currently trying to find reports of this strategically positive development.

Oct 15 2014 07:23

What about mandatory military service law of Rojava which is declared on 15th of July, since i personally had important critics to the "Rojava Revolution" but that final news was something very important shock for me. I missed that news because of my mistake which is limited research and propaganda war... Want to hear the ideas from the libertarian communists...Too bad....

Al jazeree turk, said on 13th of october that'll start on november... No denial news from the Rojava since then.


Rojava to defend itself with this law

KOBANÊ (DİHA) - The Democratic Autonomous Administrations Founder Assembly held a meeting in Rojava and legislated an important law regarding the service of defense.

According to ANHA, the Democratic Autonomous Administrations Defense Law, which will be applied in all three cantons of Rojava, has been published in the official gazette. Defense Law includes 9 articles. According to the law, civilians aged between 18 and 30 must enlist in the military for six months. The law also states that the soldier can choose to either serve the six months with no interruptions or in break the time up into different phases. The duties and responsibilties of those residing in Democratic Autonomous Administrations are as follows:

First Article: The participation of residents of Democratic Autonomous Administrations into YPG fronts is defined as "Defense Service".

Second Article: The duty of defense is a/an social and ethical duty. Each association and family must charge someone for defense service.

Third Article: According to the law, each citizen aged between 18 and 30 has to enlist in the defense service. The participation of young women is voluntary.

Fourth Article: The duration of defense service is 6 months. When the duty of defense ends, attendant can optional leave or can join in the units of defense. It's necessary to complete the duty of defense within one year. Students must finish their defense service over a period of two years.

Fifth Article: The situation of quitrent from defense service; Those, who are in the ranks of YPG/YPJ (People's Protection Units/Women's Protection Units), asayish (security) and Kurdistan Freedom Movement, are exempt from the defense service. Families' only members, youths with heavy illnesses and disableds are exempt from the defense service.

Sixth Article: Financial contribution is given to the families of those who put the bread on the table in the family along their defense service.

Seventh Article: Those, who refuse to give the defense service and to join in defense of country, will be face disciplinary measures. Those Savunma hizmeti sırasında kanun dışı davrananlar askeri kanuna göre yargılanır.

Eighth Article: Those, who want to give defense service, join in YPG units.

Ninth Article: This law is valid when it is published in the Offical Gazette.


Oct 15 2014 07:51

Yeah I reported that above with some links and short translations of texts by Nejat Ağırnaslı

Oct 15 2014 07:52


It's as though Spain never happened!

It is as if anarchists/communists of my generation seem to wish that Spanish Revolution did not happen at all. I wonder how many of you would really discuss or even be inspired by a movement that did not fight to stop Fascism and utilized its principles under the heat of war prefiguratively. Would anyone even remember them as politically relevant now, if that was the case.

Oct 15 2014 07:54


But if the PYD's mandatory military service thing is real.

Am I being neglected? (Is it because being a dissent or is it because writing for so long) I reported this with the same links. ( I will divide my posts from now on as you can see in practice)
I think it is real no doubt

Oct 15 2014 08:01

sorry kurrem, i saw your post but i mixed it and i did not check that if it was on the same post...

I also ask some antimilitarist friends close to kurdish movement who has contacts to learn about practices of that "democractic confederal zones"...

Oct 15 2014 08:52


Hate to break it to ya, voting happened in Spain, representation happened in Spain, Orders were given at the front, etc...

Yeah that is certainly true. Anarchists seem to forget the experiment in social anarchim was not pure at all. It utilized political assassination and for example censorship of the pres etc… which does not seem so nice looking from a chair in your room. However as always there was compensations needed to be made that required sometimes to give up political correctness to organize workers, to establish a revolutionary self-organization, there was need to counter the bourgeoisie propaganda…

However if I learn here something it is this: Most of the discussion we had here was not answered by the point above (I exclude for example tw_ and some others) as I said above people are disgusted by (or indifferent to) the fact that there are some people who actually fight against “fascistic” forces in hopes of establishing a better future. (The political importance of that future can be seen if it is compared to programmes or interests of its rivals and imperialist forces try to conquer them or try to make them give up their autonomy)

For example in another threat someone actually wrote this:

My position, generally along the lines of the communist left, is that the only thing more dangerous to the working class than fascism is anti-fascism.

You see the real “mentality” I have hard time to grasp is this non-political absolutistic communism. People seem to so obsessed with it they seem to believe Ocalan is a rapist, womanizer and PKK is definitely assimilationist excluding nationalistic (even genocidal as said by someone) organization etc.. WITHOUT really bothering to read or check the facts. Fort hem the theory seems to be so complete and life is such black and white, there becomes no need to have a grasp of the existence of PYD and its fight and its autonomy Project as a whole but having a quote from an obscure book that says Ocalan is rapist, or seeing a Turkish news claiming they rape women, or just opening constitution and saying “they support right to property” they decide it is totally anti-workerist , moreover totally against and in opposition to any communistic interest from the day one.

And this really disgust me back as it is what is claimed by Turkish media, state and (some parts of) society. Kurds are a backwards stupid ethnicity that needs us to find their way. Otherwise they follow their stupid leaders (who is much more knowledgeable in the current state of radical theory compared to any other mass organization and their discourse in Turkey). Or they only fight for ethnic causes as if they have no minds or thinking capacities themselves. as if the people dying in the fight are illiterate puppets that never read a book on communism. I am really repellent about the hidden racism behind this form of interpretation. I had enough of this and certainly Kurds had enough of this. No such discussion will not help to "redirect" (as if it is needed) any Kurd to support so called international communism (I mean it here in general, like I am also one I guess). If not outright alienate them to it. (and some of the people I discuss here are Turkish, so they must know the hidden racist nature of portrayal of Kurds, I really can not believe they somehow agree with it and continue to discuss them as victims in the name of international communism)

So basically I am being lost on the issue that what to reply back to exactly. Should I try to defend people’s right to fight against fascism and how this fight can lead to a progressive social and political consciousness in masses (not always of course, and not automatically, but as a possibility) or should I try to emphasize the progressiveness of Autonomy experiment in the context of war and its reactionary political rivals as if most of the people feel sympathetic about it. By trying to show the advances and developments they made in social issues, gender equality, democratic stuff etc... (as you can see I do not wish to to include replying back to outright state propaganda or racial/orientalist prejudices reproduced here as another option. As I already done it in this thread and it is pretty stupid discussion to make it now)

(As a side note I really liked your point that these “practical” revisions that needed to implement in Spanish Revolution does not make anyone to claim it was not less anarchistic. I actually think the anarchism itself must be rethought (or actually to remember) as to include them without excuses or buts as long as these changes are practical necessary arrangements)

On another forum I just read that the YPG has retaken a strategically important hill 4km from Kobane. I am currently trying to find reports of this strategically positive development.

Yeah that is true they lost it like 2 weeks ago or something and there were ISIS flag on the hill, now it is controlled by YPG. Also the ISIS’s advance in the city stopped for 5 days now at about they took %30 percent of the city. However this is not bad I guess as long as Kurds can stop their advance. As Kurds have no heavy weapons I think they are in advantageous position in the city.

- Edit: I post it with wrong order of pastes, I corrected it now, so read again please if it made no sense (except those with international communist sensibilities of course grin I guess it still makes no sense to them)

Oct 15 2014 08:38

Yeah the draft is a huge issue and I think that kind of restricts my defence for Rojova revolution. We should find sources to discuss it from the region.

That said: I hope it is a temporary arrangement to ensure the existence of cantons and not as a long term policy. Ad the only real thing (I can think of) we can due to ensure it is not long term is to actually keep the issue alive and in the long run to abolish it as the compulsory army is against their own principles of democracy.

however again, similar problems arisen in the Spanish Revolution as well:
I also remember myself in Durruti: the people armed examples of such frustrations, how Duruiti fired and take away guns of some militants who are taking a nap on duty etc...

I also remember in the Bookchin's book "Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism: An Unbridgeable Chasm" how he analyses the difference between what the anti-militarism meant and what it means now. Now it is mostly associated with non-violence and not going to army etc... However Bookchin says back then (for CNT militants at least) it meant abolishing the national army by taking the arms yourself. Being militia, arming the people was considered as the anti militarism as only this can democratize (thus abolish) the power of central national army.

In my opinion these are real issues that needs to be solved by live arragements that needed to be made in the heat of the battle, lets hope it does not harm the ultimate aims that are actually people are fighting for

Oct 15 2014 09:25

Durruti was not perfect and even was worst on his last time, so sad but that's happened. I'm not trying to create or look for an idol which is perfect. Even it may not be possible to avoid the mistakes even though openly critising it but there's a chance if it's getting criticised.

I'm ok when i heard that one women whose affinity was killed by an ISIS soldier, killed one ISIS member when he was going to be taken to the prison, that was nice story for me, fuck that fascist "who cares." The real problem there is prisons and existence of that system. And with the mandatory military service, that is already very strong signs of the authoritarian culture that's in progress...

Bookchinian who is a modernist can play that dualistic game, i can say that, it depends and you can not put me in your ideologic game of Social or Lifestyle anarchism.

Oct 15 2014 09:35

I would say that to the Bookchin if he was alive...

Oct 15 2014 10:15

By the way related to an earlier comment:

This article in Wiki explains really good the tensions between PYD, Turkey FSA (here it is called Syrian National Coalition) and KNC (Kurdish national coalition, sponsored by Barzani, The leader of the Iraqian Kurdistan) and how these last three tried to stop PYD from establishing their political programme in the region.

Oct 15 2014 13:41

If there is any useful comparison at all between Spain circa 1936 and Syrian Kurdistan today it is surely only in the degeneration of the anarchist influenced 'Spanish revolution' into a capitalist civil war against the background of far more powerful imperialist powers. Anarchist enthusiasm for the 'Rojova experiment' places too much faith in the progressive potential of this version of social democracy and underestimates the overiding power and influence of the combined forces of local nationalist and wider imperialist forces in the region.

Oct 15 2014 18:43
Oct 15 2014 18:55


I agree with you. I mean if all this boils down to being an optimistic ("having faith in" it) or not. If we will agree on one point, and it will not be (and should not be) meaningless discussions of unconformable past events or unintelligible total skepticism of PKK (being a totally Stalinist organization but acting to look like Bookchinian,) And if the Spain and Rojova analogy is so similar that we can also predict how it will end (it is you, not me though) Yeah I guess I am OK with being considered an optimist. At this stage I pretty much hope that they will survive in the region against all odds. And in the future I again pretty much wish that they will stick to a path that will at least relatively result in realization of their premises again against a lot of external factors. However I see no other possible way for realization of any revolutionary project in the region. Moreover I see no other way than to support the Kurdish people (i mean their movement) in their fight that might be beneficial to establishment of a better world. I think that would be the proper anarchist position back then in Spanish Revolution and it is the best position still now.

Oct 15 2014 19:51

There is no "revolutionary project in the region" and it is a fantasy to say there is. There is only bourgeois agendas and imperialist manipulations. Libertarians talking like Trotskyists who are ever seeking a progressive bourgeois faction to support is shocking. I don't usually post links but here we go:

Oct 15 2014 20:14

By the way, all of the news I get now related to Kobane are good for these two days. I guess in general the advancement of ISIS completely stopped in the city and it is retreated in many places in the city. As this is very general I will not post links for now.

Oct 15 2014 20:57


I am no expert however I know a bit about Turkish politics and Kurdish issue. And unfortunately the article you shared seems to be flawed:


The first is Erdogan’s demand that the Coalition does not support the Kurdish troops of Masoud Barzani, and does not support Syrian Kurdish nationalism to avoid any risk of awakening the PKK at home.

This is most certainly untrue. Turkey and Barzani relations are really good. They have economic relations and everything. and on the point see this:

The PYD were apparently not invited to a meeting between the Turkish Foreign Minister, the Syrian National Council, and the Kurdish National Council to discuss the future of Syria. This has led some to suggest that the Turkish government is trying to encourage the marginalization of the PYD in the Kurdish opposition due to the group's links with the PKK.[8] Muslim also held talks with Turkish officials in July 2013 in regards to seeking autonomy within Syria. However, Turkey's demands included that the PYD not seek autonomy through violence, not harm Turkish border security and be firmly opposed to the Syrian government.[9]

Kurdish National Council is connected to Barzani and has bad relations (though in a some sort of partnership) with PYD. Turkey is against PYD at any costs (apparently) but not at all against Barzani's groups.

And also another proof:

Here, you can search this news yourself: Barzani himself says "they received military support (in form of guns) from turkey but they did not announced it as it was not the best time."

So this equalization of PKK and Barzani (and grouping of all two as basically nationalists) is just not right.


At the same time, having to crush the anger of 15 million Turkish Kurds, thousands of whom have demonstrated in Istanbul and other major cities of Turkey, leaving behind thirty dead, Erdogan promised to consider the possibility of provisional release for the historic leader of the PKK, Ocalan.

This is just bullsh*t. There is not even a word Tayyip said anything about it. Under current situation it is just impossible, even he thinks (and HEAVILY STRONGLY MOST DEFINITELY doubt it) he would not say anything like this now. As there is no reference I just assume this is a misunderstanding at best.


In Iraqi Kurdistan too Massoud Barzani is the product of American interests in the most important part of the Iraqi oil industry. To defend the "communism" of the PKK from the persecution of Ankara forgetting that Ocalan’s followers preach a national road to socialism, that they are an offspring of Stalinism and the counter-revolution in the USSR, is still another. Whether Ocalan has been converted, as informed observers of Kurdish affairs tell us, to a kind of democratic anarchism does not alter the issue much. It is an appeal to the Kurdish question on the usual bourgeois nationalist terrain, as always invoking the self-determination of people, even if democratic and progressive, perhaps with a socialist adjective thrown in, as in the case of the Kurdish enclave in Syrian Rojava. Giving up in advance any attempt to build a revolutionary perspective is genuine class suicide.

What class is living there that is acting in a way of suicide? Would that be class would be better of with IS (when they are killed) ? With whom or what anyone is planning to " build a revolutionary perspective" there? should people wait and die till someone finally does? Nope I will no longer discuss this (you can check earlier discussions)

Do need to say it? I did not like the content of article as much as I can fact check (the above points) and I am against the position defended in this uninformed article that is obviously written by someone on the basis of his theoretical knowledge and lack any real understanding in the real-politics of the region.(Though thanks to his theory he really does not need to know the region at all, as it is obvious from start capitalist world order and imperial powers are so strong and nationalism is a given political characteristic of backward nations, you can judge them at will and condemn their political organisations without evidence.)

NOTE: please someone make this factually wrong articles written by internationalist communists of some sort to stop. They are not funny anymore. ( I used to have a life, a happy family of my own. Now it is all lost thanks to International communism grin ) I mean there was this one: (that claimed for example leader of PKK Karayilan said in an interview that their ultimate aim is "state building" in 2007. There was no reference. I checked the internet, could not find anything like it. But found he actually said the opposite in an interview at the same year) and now this one.

NOTE 2: however I have a question now. Cleishbotham is this the ICT is same as ICC ? as I am reading most of their stuff nowadays maybe I should learn more. ( I become a proofreader for these organizations, maybe I should charge for my services? Come on whose with me? I am the real proletariat not flawed with an oppressed ethnic identity)

Oct 15 2014 21:49

Salih Muslim says: The air-strikes were very very successful. In a short time, we will report to the world liberation of Kobane.

He also said we are nnot happy with the support of Iraq Kurdistan Regional Govenrment. They should help much more.

He also says: Turkey did not fulfill his "neighborhood duties". He hopes that Turkey will show the world that It is against Kobane by siding with coalition forces. Ankara (turkey) practically did nothing.

klas batalo
Oct 15 2014 22:19

ICT /= ICC can you read and look at websites???

also interesting about PYD leader about to announce the liberation of Kobane..that'll sure make the @ universe and other leftists go ecstatic...and in general it'd be a good thing cuz fuck what's going on...and idk maybe we can go back to political critique without emotions if they are not directly under threat...

Oct 15 2014 23:20

Relax I was just kidding

Oct 16 2014 02:08

Again, I see this thread spiraling down the ideological rabbit hole and the conversation has become quite circular.

Can we just agree to disagree on who ideology and struggle for the realization of such an ideology become a material condition/reality? I see two general camps established through this conversation concerning DAF and Kurdistan.

Camp 1:

There are anarchists/communists/leftist or whatever you want to call yourselves who seem to suggest that acting out, as political entities in the material world, only make sense and can only be done when the material conditions and social conditions are so likened to the ideology espoused. Both ideology and action have to be in unison and needs to flow from not only from the working-class itself but from an ideologically conscious working-class that is become activated and is fighting solely for its liberatory interests against capitalism.

Camp 2:

There are anarchists/communists/leftists or whatever you want to call yourselves who seem to suggest that politics is something that happens and is an activity that flows from many different aspects of life and ideology is one of those aspects. Ideology is a set idea that interacts with the material world as is a product as much as an analysis of the material world. With the realization that ideology itself is simple an ideal, the ideal vision if you will. Though Ideology is important the attempt and what transpires is equally important when measure with the ideal. The material world is dynamic, conditions change, and ideology can either change in connection to what happens in the world for better or for worse. People, organizations, and conditions produced through action can either begin to emerge and gravitate towards libertarian socialist/anarchists views and activities or backslide towards something else.

I know not everyone wants to be lumped into that camp or this camp based on my comment but I think we need to seriously ask ourselves at this point, what the hell is the point of this all most addictive behavior to constantly discuss ideology with an almost nonexistent connection to the conditions and developments on the ground and for the other side to constantly comment back equally as vicious with attacks that ideology alone cannot solve the worlds problems in general and free the working-class from capitalism in particular.

I think it is almost naive, no it is naive, to think that a revolution or whatever you call the bringing forth of the emancipation of the working-class will simply flow from the wellspring of communist/anarchist ideology, we get it. And the other side this it is naive if not stupid, as history has shown, to support and ally one communist/anarchists self with fighting forces and systems that are not specifically anarchistic or communistic of the libertarian kind, we get it. We disagree.

And with respect to the comment that Bookchin's splitting up anarchism into two camps: lifestyle and social, will if the shoe fits. But of course this splitting hairs has become two generalized because there exists many lifestyles that anarchists find themselves in. Though the bigger point is that lifestyles themselves are just that a style in which you carry yourself and conduct your life a habit or activities that you define yourself with. But again, how is a lifestyle, whether dumpstering or reading, going to create a social revolution that destroys capitalism? So, yeah sure dont be confined in only one lifestyle or social movement....

One last point before discussing something relevant. Why is it that the political and social developments that are happening and have happened in the Cantons is being challenged with arguments that reach further back into the regions political past? You see this even done against anarchists and anarchists positions with respect to Bakunin's position on collective work but wages(wages being the right of the individual) and Proudhon's almost Jeffersonian view of society. Instead look at the current developments and assess them for what they are and refrain from bringing up the past if the past being brought up is the past that an organization is taking a step away from or re-assessing themselves.

Reality happens and I think its encouraging to see political and actual material development come from any part of the world.

Anyway, Workers Solidarity Ireland has posted some new exciting news on their Facebook page concerning Kobane. The news coming from Kobane is that the YPG has driven ISIS further out of the city and has taken back areas that were besieged by ISIS in these last couple of weeks. GREAT! YPG is pushing ISIS back!

Oct 16 2014 02:24

Also, just received my copy of Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan. The interviewees and writers of the book very quickly de-mystify themselves and do not answer with propaganda that what they are doing is some utopia. Rather, the very honestly say that they do not have all the solutions or the solution but are attempting to create something that resembles "socialism" (for lack of a better word and I hope the word used is being understood as it is intended to be used).

Just from the little I have read in the economic chapters and sections I am impressed with what they have instituted. I think its interesting that they are able to do what they are able to do with respect to anti-capitalism while we who live in the west are unable to do even the smallest step towards non-capitalist socio-economic relations. But I think there is a lot to be said for the older notion of counter-power. Also, this book discusses the idea of counter-power. Perhaps due to the conditions and presence of a fighting force that keeps certain political and economic relationships at bay allows for counter-power and autonomy to begin to be built up.

mikail firtinaci
Oct 16 2014 05:24

The Kobane war's worst damage was its negative morale affect over the world working class.

All these highly militaristic slogans like "arm the Kurds" or "bombs to Kobane" are demoralizing the proletariat by reducing the question of class struggle into a military one. Class solidarity is reduced to donations for armaments, internationalism is reduced to dying in Kobane, struggle against reaction is reduced to the support of a nationalist-stalinist army. By creating the illusion that class struggle is "an abstract idea" which doesn't have any chance "in the real world", Kobane war went beyond effecting the lives of the poor peasants and workers in Northern Syria, and spread a feeling of demoralization and ineffectiveness.

This "bullet in the head materialism" must be staunchly rejected. Many young and courageous people are dying for this "rationalism of arms". We have to resist the idea that there is anything "radical" or "democratic" (!) about national wars.

Oct 16 2014 06:50

Yeah yeah the morale of the working class was so high before Kobane. Working class was so close to establishing world revolution before the bloody nationalists started to fight IS. But thanks to Kobane now all is lost.

mikail firtinaci
Oct 16 2014 06:45
Yeah yeah the moral of the working class was so high before Kobane. Working class was so close to establishing world revolution before the bloody nationalists started to fight IS. But thanks to Kobane now all is lost.

Willingness to struggle is not an absolute, abstract idea but a changing and evolving collective spiritual-material mode of class stance. It expresses itself in proletarians' real struggles against their material conditions. And revolution is just one, most clear stage in its crystallization. And don't you worry; Kobane war, Turkey, IS and PKK can't kill the spirit, even though they may weaken it. Internationalists will take a stand and fight for the morale of their class, relentlessly condemn all the shameless military adventurists, nihilism, chauvinism. I firmly believe that left communist/anarchist internationalist comrades/organizations will not keep quiet and fight this good fight.

Oct 16 2014 06:49

Ok if you say so, Class War 101. I was just thinking it was only you who is demoralized due to the recent developments in Rojova. But no worries I know it was the proletarians now.

Oct 16 2014 07:05

mikail: honestly, and I think most would agree, that ISIS is responsible for militarizing the struggle.

Would you suggest that the besieged residents of Kobane limit themselves to pure forms of proletarian struggle, like strikes, sit-downs, and, dare I say, leafleting, when a violent obscurantist group armed to teeth with the latest US weaponry wants to plunder their city?

Secondly, given that US interests have been unable to move with the tides of change in the Middle East, despite all their strategic alliances, military backing, and intelligence gathering networks they have invested in the region, anyone sitting comfortably at their computer should second guess their "enlightened" synopsis of the events that our unfolding in the most fluid and unpredictable way.

Israeli genocide, US bombardment, fundamentalist encirclement, and an entire globe numbed by commodity fed nihilism....

"... Yet, however critical the situation and circumstances in which you find yourself, despair of nothing; it is on the occasions in which everything is to be feared that it is necessary to fear nothing; it is when one is surrounded by all the dangers that it is not necessary to dread any; it is when one is without resources that it is necessary to count on all of them; it is when one is surprised that it is necessary to surprise the enemy himself."

Oct 16 2014 07:08


How did I not realized that? I was about to ask you give us more detailed explanation on the book. But I just realized it is about Northern Kurdistan. It is about Turkey Kurdistan, not Syria. I know I think some stuff about it already. (Though not the economic dimension,except the rumors about some communes in south east Turkey that are communialized and Turkish army could not enter to them etc...) It would be terrific if you could open a new discussion, summarize it or pass the information somehow.

And about the situation of Kobane now, see my post above, one with a news translation. Salih Muslim (co-ledaer of PYD) says "we will announce the liberation of Kobane very soon".

mikail firtinaci
Oct 16 2014 07:11


I am in no position to tell what people in Kobane should or should not do. Majority of them already escaped to Turkey. I fully understand that and I think any truly revolutionary organization should call for solidarity with the immigrants.

About the US; it actively supports PKK by bombarding the ISIS, in fact that enabled PKK to repel ISIS.