Occupied Cafe Evicted

Sheriffs and Police broke into the occupied Tony's Café on Broadway Market at 7.00am this morning, injuring one of the occupiers and have allowed property developer Dr Wratten's men to start an immediate demolition.

Within an hour the building was rendered unliveable.

One of the participants said:
"We lodged an appeal yesterday with the High Court but the bailiffs ignored that and went ahead anyway. Two of the occupiers are at the courts right now trying to get a stay of execution but Wratten's men have done so much damage that it seems unlikely we could re-occupy the café.

"The sad thing is that more people than ever were coming to the café and there was still a fantastic energy to the occupation.

"We plan a show of local solidarity tonight at 6pm, outside the Café. Please come and show your anger and support!"

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Dec 21 2005 13:49


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