India: Students occupy Vishwavidyalaya metro station to protests against fare hike

Protest at Vishwavidyalaya metro station

Students from Delhi University occupied gate 3 of the Vishwavidyalaya metro station yesterday to protest against a fare hike, vowing to stay until the hike was reversed by the transit authorities or central government.

“What is the use of the Vishwavidyalaya metro station if students can’t access it? We demand the rollback of the fare hike and concessional passes for students,” a student called Kaur told the Indian Express.

The students, organised with the All India Student Association shouted slogans such as mehengi metro nahi chalegi” (costly metro will not be allowed), “paee paee occupy (occupy every inch)”, and “rollback rollback, metro fare rollback”.

Images via twitter/AISA_tweets

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Mike Harman
Jan 19 2018 11:10


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