joint patrol #YPG & #US army

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May 2 2017 16:08
joint patrol #YPG & #US army

Since some days, Turkey (a member of NATO) has been bombing the military positions of the “proto-state” Rojava (not yet a member of NATO) to one of its protectors’ great displeasure: i.e. the USA which leads NATO.

This allows them to take up a position and deploy along the Turkish-Syrian border and thus to establish mixed patrols with the YPG. Watch the video here below:

What an interesting “revolution”, “anticapitalistic” and “antistatic”, which has all the characteristics of a State with a government led by the “single party” PYD, ministries, a multitude of mini parliaments, courts of justice, a “Constitution” (called “Social Contract”), an army (the YPG/YPJ militias increasingly militarized), a police force (the Asayish) which imposes internal social order,…

“Revolution” all the more interesting because it “cashes in on all sides”: the YPG/YPJ are nothing but military auxiliaries of the Western powers, their auxiliaries on the ground, facing a “common enemy” (Da’esch). We’ve lost count of the offensives carried out jointly by the YPG/YPJ and other SDF with the US Air Force, with the “Green Berets” (these fucking torturers of US special forces), with the Russian air force, with Bashar Syrian Army (with whom the PYD is co-managing the city of Qamishli, among others) and its air force which is bombing the rebel areas (and not necessarily Al-Nusra and other jihadists!!!), with the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Iranian “Guardians of the Revolution” (slaughterers of our class brothers and sisters), and so on.

So I congratulate the Rojava “proto-state” which allows the murderers of the US Air Force to make up for the difficulties of using their Turkish ally Incirlik airbase. Rojava is not yet a member of the NATO Atlantic Alliance, but just a little more effort “comrades”. All the bullshit on “democracy without a state”, anti-capitalism, and revolution is nothing but just for show intended for leftist (libertarian and Marxist-Leninist) milieus who are always ready to satisfy themselves with a “lesser evil” and a reform of capitalism.

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May 4 2017 15:55

Syrian Kurds say Russia to build base in Afrin
In agreement with Kurds, Russia to operate military base in Afrin and train YPG fighters in 'anti-terror' combat.

Russia is setting up a military base in northwestern Syria in agreement with the Syrian-Kurdish YPG armed group that controls the area and will train fighters, a YPG spokesman said on Monday.
The agreement with Russia was concluded on Sunday and Russian troops have already arrived at the village of Kafr Jina, in the northwestern region of Afrin, with troop carriers and armoured vehicles, YPG spokesman Redur Xelil told Reuters news agency.
"The Russian presence ... comes in agreement between [the YPG] and the Russian forces operating in Syria in the framework of cooperation against terrorism and to help train our forces on modern warfare and to build a direct point of contact with Russian forces," Xelil said in a statement.
"It is the first [agreement] of its kind," he added.
However, in a statement put out shortly after news broke of the alleged deal, the Russian Defence Ministry said there were "no plans" to create additional military bases in Syrian territory, but added that a section of its "reconciliation centre" was located in Aleppo province close to Afrin for the prevention of ceasefire violations.
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May 6 2017 14:52

Great post. Posts like it are too few across the web.

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Nov 29 2017 16:51
The Trump Administration has doubled down on the strategy. In May, Trump approved a plan to arm Syrian Kurds in the S.D.F. directly, and deployed several hundred marines and Army rangers to support them. Around this time, Turkish jets bombed sites in Rojava, reportedly killing twenty Y.P.G. members. The attack prompted U.S. troops, in marked vehicles, to join Kurdish fighters patrolling the Syrian-Turkish border. “This needs to stop,” Erdoğan declared, adding that the presence of American flags in a “terrorist” convoy had “seriously saddened us.”


The Syrian civil war has produced many strange bedfellows. But it’s especially curious that Öcalan’s revolution, which strives to eliminate “capitalist modernity,” has made its recent advancements under the patronage of the United States. In Rojava, Kurds often refer to Donald Trump as Bâvê şoreş—“Father of the Revolution”—and in Kobanî there is a kebab restaurant called Trump, with the President’s visage painted on its window. I met a Y.P.G. fighter who’d named his infant daughter America.

During the Raqqa offensive, U.S. Special Operations Forces were deployed throughout the city, but they avoided journalists. The S.D.F. also severely restricted the press. Reporters were assigned minders, and access to active front lines was almost impossible to obtain. More than once, I was told that I couldn’t go somewhere, only to find out later that U.S. soldiers had been in the area, or that bombardment from coalition planes and artillery had taken place nearby. U.S. Special Operations Forces ran a field hospital in Raqqa that treated wounded S.D.F. fighters; when I went there and asked if anyone would speak with me, I was aggressively confronted by half a dozen armed Americans, one of whom said, “Absolutely not.” He confiscated my phone and demanded its password. (I didn’t give it to him, and he eventually returned the phone.) An older American, with a graying beard and a ball cap, told me, “For you, information is a good thing.” He then explained that, for security reasons, it was better if nobody knew that they were there. Several soldiers escorted me to my car, and for the next two days the S.D.F. shut down the entire area to reporters.

Dark Victory in Raqqa

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Nov 29 2017 17:04

Looks like the USA government might be cutting back it's support for the YPG in Syria now that they have served their purpose to some extent and in deference to Turkey's demands but it is still early days in terms of the shifting alliances between the global and regional imperialist interests.

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Nov 29 2017 20:16

Trump vouched to not continue the support them further but they just received more arms from the USA. Also worth noting that on going negations with the Assad regime will lead to SDF being integrated into the national army.

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Nov 29 2017 22:56
comrade_emma wrote:
Also worth noting that on going negations with the Assad regime will lead to SDF being integrated into the national army.

Kurdish-led SDF will join Syrian army if federal state guaranteed: Rojava official