Base syndicalism at the back of beyond

This text was written by a group of workers who left the ARK in early 2021 to form a new organisation. In the text we trace the history of the union, focusing on the events in which we were directly involved. In addition to the various workers’ struggles this text includes an analysis on both the successes and the many mistakes we made over the years. We hope the victories of the workers in this history will serve as inspiration to those of you who, like us, realize the need for organization and struggle. We also hope that the analysis of the mistakes we have made will help workers and trade unionists who have taken the path of autonomous, base unionism in order not to repeat them.

Support striking university workers and build worker-student solidarity!

Education workers with the University and College Union (UCU) are preparing for another battle around pensions, casualization, pay, and discrimination. This article was first published by the Industrial Workers of the World.

How Farmers Defeated the Government of India: A Year of Protests Shows the Effectiveness of Horizontality and Direct Action

In the following report, Pranav Jeevan P explores the conflict between the farmers and the far-right government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the character of the movement that the farmers initiated, and the means by which they triumphed. This article was originally published by Crimethinc.

The time has come? Anarchists of Ukraine, tariff wars and expropriation of robbers

Action of our comrades in Kiev on the increase of fare in city transport.

Action of our comrades in Kiev on the increase of fare in city transport. 19th November, 2021

For several months now, Ukraine has been engulfed in social unrest, which periodically subside before flaring up again.

The Great Resignation and Tapu

This article looks at the phenomenon of the Great Resignation and what it means now and for the future.

The Hollywood strike that wasn’t

MK Lees offers context to the recent IATSE strike vote and potential settlement. This article was first published by Organizing Work.

Stand up, get organized, fight and win!

This leaflet was distributed in Boulogne-sur-Mer by the comrades of “La Mouette Enragée” [The Enraged Seagull] on the occasion of the demonstration of October 5th, 2021 “against the pension and unemployment insurance reforms, against precariousness and for the increase of wages”. This “inter-union day of strike” is obviously only an umpteenth counter-fire aimed at putting out the flames of proletarian revolt…

Statement of solidarity with the eKhenana Commune from Bishop Rubin Phillip

Lindokuhle Mnguni speaks at the eKhenana Commune after his release from prison

Bishop Rubin Phillip, a partisan of liberation theology and at one point the deputy to Steve Biko in the Black Consciousness student organisation remains committed to the self-organisation of the oppressed. He has just released a statement of solidarity with the eKhenana Commune, a land occupation organised by Abahlali baseMjondolo in Durban, that has faced sustained state violent, and now a series of arrests on trumped up charges. The Commune includes the Frantz Fanon Political School, which is used for radical education for activists around South Africa.

Italian general strike: Amazon warehouse blockaded in Piacenza, strikers attacked in Prato

Monday 11th October saw a general strike called by several base unions in Italy, which was marked by a mass blockade against an Amazon warehouse and a violent attack against picketers. Content warning for violence and graphic videos.

General strike in Italy: new date and follow-up assembly

Base and grassroots unions in Italy have called a general strike in October, which has now been moved forward to October 11th. This article was previously published by the International Confederation of Labour.