Local government workers to strike over pay

Local government workers to strike over pay

Local government workers have voted 55% in favour of strike action today, making strikes by over 600,000 workers a near certainty over the summer.

UNISON balloted for strike action after rejecting a 2.45% pay offer. The government's 2% pay increase target for public sector pay has become increasingly stark against inflation - with sharp increases in the cost of fuel and basic necessities internationally.

Last week, Shell tanker drivers won a 14% pay increase over two years following four days of highly publicised strike action, with widespread public support and solidarity from workers at other companies.

Strikes are looking likely elsewhere in the public sector, including civil servants, further education lecturers, teachers and postal workers.

Fire and maintenance workers at government owned airports in Scotland were on strike today over similar sub-inflationary pay increases. The airports operated 'as normal' although several flights were affected.

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Mike Harman
Jun 23 2008 14:10


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Jun 23 2008 19:05

this will be for 2 days, 16-17 July and will be of over 800,000 workers, not 600,000 - can't edit article tho