Manx Telecom workers to strike this Friday

Manx Telecom workers to strike this Friday

Non-management staff at Manx telecom are to strike over pay on Friday.

The workers, represented by the Communication Workers Union, have been offered a 4.1% pay rise by the company, meaning in real terms a pay cut. Official inflation in the Isle of Man is running at 6.5%, though as workers spend more on necessities such as food and gas, which have seen global price hikes in the past year, they are more severely hit by inflation in necessities.

200 Engineers, clerical workers, telephone operators and retail and billing workers voted with an 80% majority for a strike, on a turnout of 69%. An overtime ban will accompany the action.

CWU negotiators are in talks with company officials.

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Aug 18 2008 13:40


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Aug 18 2008 14:27

The Isle of Man isn't in the UK. Out of interest how many people live on the Isle of Man?

Aug 18 2008 20:31

My mistake. Wiki says 80,000.