Moscow- Anti-fascist jailed for his beliefs

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Moscow- Anti-fascist jailed for his beliefs

One year sentence for Aleksei Olesinov - anti-fascists hit streets of

21st of April Aleksei "Shkobar" Olesinov, anti-fascist arrested 5th of
November with bogus charges of having incited a fight in a club in
August 2008, was slapped one year prison sentence in a kangaroo court.
This although defense presented a video which proved that Olesinov
attacked nobody, although both club owners and security whom Olesinov
allegedly assaulted denied that they had any claims against Olesinov,
they even did not appeared in the court. Moreover, police who grabbed
people randomly that night in August had already fined Olesinov for a
misdemeanor he did not committed, thus this was already the second
sentence for the same "crime" Olesinov, who has no criminal record,
allegedly committed.

Luckily, judge only gave Olesinov one year instead of five years
demanded by the prosecution. Aleksei said that although he has been sick
in prison, one year sentence will be no big deal for him. But obviously
this was still a miscarriage of justice, as Olesinov had not committed
any crime whatsoever and a reason to protest. Really Olesinov is in
prison only because he is an anti-fascist activist, and because Russian
courts are tightly controlled by the state - they have no chance to
release people who are remanded, as that would automatically result a
criminal charge against police who arrested them.

Already for a week, Moscow police had been vigilance - originally
verdict was expected to be given 14th of April, but as anonymous
anti-fascist group called for organisation of attacks against "banks,
police stations and expensive stores" (call in Russian here, authorities panicked and
passed verdict to monday 20th week - people who went to support Olesinov
14th of April, were arrested when they were just exiting from metro, and
slapped with fabricated misdemeanor charges of "illegal demonstration".
Whole region was packed with OMON riot police.

Soon authorities realised, that it would be a fiasco to send
anti-fascist to jail in Hitler's birthday, and eventually verdict was
passed to Tuesday 21st. There was also a heavy riot police presence all
around the city, not only due to anti-fascist plans but also to prevent
possible Nazi provocations which at times happen around 20th of April.

However anti-fascists managed to gather following high level of
conspiracy, and to mass more than people to Mendeleyevskaya metro
station from where a march towards infamous Butyrka prison around 9:10
PM (where Nestor Makhno once spent almost a decade), where Olesinov is
held. Scanning "Freedom to Aleksey Olesinov", "Antifa", "No Pasaran" and
other anarchist and anti-fascist slogans, behind a big banner "More
there will be repression - more rage there will be in our resistance -
We do not want peace without social justice - freedom to Aleksei
Olesinov!", march made it to the Butyrka prison, where it turned back
and to the Lesnaya street in an improvised move. At the crossing, plain
clothes cops tried to snatch someone, who resisted succesfully. However
in Lesnaya street around 9:25 PM march was stopped by a bus of OMON, who
eventually managed to arrest 80 people. Some people were beaten up, one
participator had his jaw broken he was hospitalised. During arrest, a
crowd of people was pushed to desk of a vegetable vendor which got
broken, and now police is spreading lies that demonstrators were
breaking shop windows.

As usual, arrested people were threatened and stolen some of their
property by the police. Some people were released the same night, some
were forced to stay for the court the same day. When writing this (9 PM
local time 22nd of April), it is still not clear if everyone have been

More photos: (also source of
photos at this article).


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There were also solidarity graffiti actions in Kiev:
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In night between 21st and

In night between 21st and 22nd of April, unknown group of anti-fascists
burned down a police station in Moscow to protest unjust sentence of Aleksei Olesinov. They posted a statement here (in russian):

Video footage: