A state of siege for proletarian masses

On the massacre of Friday 13 November at Paris

After devastation at seven simultaneous and organized Islamist warlike/terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday 10th November 2015 and killing 129 victims and further injuring 41, the state of war peace configuration changes in the center of capitalist world order.

A state of siege for proletarian masses

The proletariat from the bombarded, demolished and totally destroyed cities and villages in Syria, Iraq … the Middle East (M.E.) to the central public places in Paris remember and honor the French revolution slogan of freedom brotherhood/sisterhood and equality. The proletariat as main social community needs to realize human qualities lies at the heart of this slogan; A slogan that never was neither historically nor rationally materialized by the bourgeoisie of 1780s, when the emerging new ruling class carried a certain degree of “progressiveness” from a historical point of view. After centuries of historical development of proletariat's class struggle, it seems that the socio-historical reality demanding the proletariat to finalize the classic (bourgeois revolution) slogan ironically once formulated by proletariat’s class enemy; the bourgeoisie class who is out dated by any socio-political standard a completely criminalized and corrupted ruling class; Thus, the proletariat from the Middle East ( origins of civilization/class society, a round 3500 BC) to Paris ( this first city of proletarian revolution, Paris commune, 1871), needs to consider this classic slogan, abandoned by the ruling classes of the capitalist order since the French revolution, as a point in its own socio-political revolutionary project to realize. This is only possible if the proletariat on a worldwide level can move for an installation of a communist revolution against state/capital and all ruling class ideology including democratic or Islamist (state/capital-run-Islamism).

Black Friday November 13: IS declaration of the war in Paris

After devastation at seven simultaneous and organized Islamist warlike/terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday 10th November 2015 and killing 129 victims and further injuring 41, the state of war peace configuration changes in the center of capitalist world order. The permanent state of war and terror environment, which is characteristic of the M.E. region, is moving toward the capitalist center from the periphery. The profound socio economic crisis and chaos in the M.E is essentially characterized by political crisis in the ranks of ruling classes and a profoundly weakened and fragmented proletarian class after decades of barbaric warfare conducted by of ruling political elites.

In this chaos and war context dominating the M.E., capitalist- and mini imperialist states of the region, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran ... are testing and experiencing their “oriental” war and terror abilities at the heart of Europe: Islamist state run movements/organizations (Shia, Sunni) are setting up religion/Islam based ideological bodies such as Mosques, Islamic foundations of all kind. Without exception, all IS members in West are one way or another members of these Islamic centers and organs! All these open intuitional foundations and their activities financed through state/s (in West and the M.E.), sections of the ruling classes and of course everything controlled and monitored by secret services of all states involved in establishing Islamic franchise-setups all around the world.

What a barrage of news of the mass murder of Paris shows us is that the Islamism from capitalism's periphery changes and develops new tactics of war against center of the capital in the Europe. Islamism in the M.E., Khomeinism, the Mujahideen / Taliban, Al Qaeda / IS ..., is a political-military production of imperialistic operation of major capitalist powers' endless rivalry in the region since the end of the First World War. The “rainbow” of monstrous Islamism is one way or another, made by the capitalist world as a result of its outward or inward contradiction or cooperation with the M.E. regional ruling or over classes. Interestingly, the core-periphery dichotomy of Lenin is still valid in this context for determining imperialist mode of operation in capitalistic relation of the M.E with rest of the world. Thus, the restructuring process of the M.E. was conducted through the use of military power relations and intervention after the end of the Cold War period, with initial moves beginning prior to the collapse the Eastern bloc in the early 1990s.

Imperialistic restructuring of the M.E.

With direct imperialist war in Afghanistan (1979-1989), a new period of imperialism began to take form. When the cold war era ended a capitalistic-imperialism (globalization) platform started to emerge that could explain determinants for the post-Cold War power relations between the U.S. NATO-network and non-Western countries (including the M.E region). From the wreckage of the old would (the Cold War) this new Imperialist structure/network was born; A new relationship between imperial masters and slaves, core-periphery developed subjects a complex interaction between more or less sovereign (nation) states.

The imperialist restructuring process of the M.E. countries opened the gate of golden opportunity for mini imperialist states, who usually suffer from an insatiable thirst for power and influence in a historically turbulent region. All these mini-imperialist state in the M.E. such Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Qatar ... dreamed about dominating over the M.E., or at least parts of this geopolitical vital intersection. The upgraded imperialist matrix emerging after the collapse of the soviet-union, transformed the old Petrodollar (oil-rent) region to militarized Islamist states/forces.

In this profoundly militarized context, the US-NATO-network imperialist rivalry against its emerging Russian-Chinese network operates on non-territorial center of power and does not rely on fixed boundaries or barriers. Thus, the U.S and the EU states/governments have indeed extensively initialized and supported all these existing Islamist gangs (mass murders) connected to their allies, mini-imperialist states, in the region based on the new imperialist platform: A platform that is a decentered and deterritorialized network apparatus for all imperialist states in the process of globalization operation. In this imperialist context, action plan of all Islamist organizations, from the semi state of IS in Iraq-Syria to a faraway Mosque in a European suburb, has logical and physical functional links to states within the West and the East: In this way, mapping military and ideological function of Islamism to imperialist operation of core-periphery relations can unmask the bloody and criminal power play that is running through societies in Middle East region; How Saudi, Qatari and Turkish states can act against the enemy network, Russia-Syria-Iran and at the same time within the same network against each other; against members senior members of US-NATO network, i.e. France.

The mass terror and criminal killing of people in the heart of Paris should be placed in the framework on going crisis of redrawing map of the M.E. by, in main, US-NATO-network (Turkey, who is dreaming about the decaying ex- Ottoman era). In this regard, so-called “refugee” crisis is a part of this imperialistic power play, which has kept the ruling political elite of over classes in the EU busy for some time now: As sequence of political events started to unfold since the problematic of migrant/refuge crisis started to appear in the media machinery at the end of summer 2015. When the EU began widely broad casting the problem of “refugee” through the mainstream mass media( ideological means of the ruling classes), it has become clear that the old West around the US-NATO-network is planning for the flow of great mass migration/“refugee” from the M.E. to the EU. In practice this is continuity of the M.E warlike/terror on a different level: The war/terror in the form of mass migration is transferring itself to the center of capitalist world. Contrary to what capitalist core/the EU is playing the role of a passive recipient of “refugee”, the migrant/refugee problem is used by the US-NATO network for changing the imperialist configuration of the EU and the M.E. By following the question of “Refugee” crisis in a sequential order, it becomes clear that Erdogan's Islamist state plays a key role in engineering the whole issue from Turkish territory towards Greece waters. In a sense, it seems a historic recurrence is taking place; Germany and Turkey (ex- decaying Ottomans Dynasty) as two alliances and losers in the first world are somehow operating on the same imperialist wave-length again. Of course, Germany is trying to impose, needful refugee responsibility, on the rest of the Europe for cost sharing, with not much success and France is one of opponent to Turkish “refugee” policy and Turkish stated integration to the EU.

IS’s permanent Terrorist/Military presence

However, the extent and magnitude of this disaster and horrible mass murder in Paris, just after 9 month from Charlie Hebdo massacre, represents a fundamental change in Islamism's warlike/terror operation mode and war performance in the center of capitalist world order: To target the enemy states/powers in the heart its own territory is an open declaration all-out war. A clear declaration of war against France who is making newly political-military extensive deals with Shia Islamism (Khomeinism), Iran, that in turn is a dangerous move against Sunni oriented Islamism in Saudi and Turkey, who consider themselves as natural mini imperialist candidate for dominating the whole region. Moreover, the French state is openly against the integration of the Turkish state into the EU for obvious reason of defending its own imperialist interest related to its historical allies and “friends” in the region ... .

Again contrary to the profound hypocrisy from ruling political elites and state apparatus, acting as they are really shocked by the number of murdered, injured or wounded. Almost all Western and European states are well informed about the treating risk of Islamist deadly attack. The death toll resulting from an Islamist cause is not what they really are concerned about. How to make the next military/terror move/attack against the enemy is what is on the agenda: A kind of warfare management in the heart of e.g. metropolitan Paris. All Western state with connections to Islamic periphery is well aware that how they are providing nesting house for Islamist terror cells. They are aware of the risk, but we should remember the Islamism is creation the core-periphery relations of capitalist world and in addition in the course unfolding imperialist remapping of the M.E. the West needs regional imperialist gangs like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran …; the simplified implication of this evil policy of the West is devastating for the population in general, who have to carry on with the necessities of a Metropolitan life as an ordinary human being. West’s deeply ingrained connections with Islamic states that are openly organizing, financing and operating the Islamist military action in the center of capitalist world is part and parcel of west’s imperialist interaction in the Islamic periphery: Thus, ruling political elites in the West considers mass bombing, execution, killing of innocent people, who are normally from working communities, proletarian class, as an embedded sequence in the imperialist war game of collateral damage. The reason behind this cynically cold bloody calculated politics of the capitalist system against its own population related to the rising general war tension between both Imperialist networks (US-NATO and Russia-China): The imperialistic antagonisms are moving towards a state of generalized war in Middle East region and consequently anywhere on the planet where imperialist interests of any imperialist state can cross out the counterpart.

Thus, we need not to be surprised when the entire ruling elite/establishment – politicians, the police, the press, and the professors – feel compelled to defend Islam in Islamism (Islamo -fascism)1 by public denial of Islamism’s connections to these terrorist/military assaults; the imperialist strategy of West need to maintained globally at any price.

Placing the murderous rampage in Paris into this context, for IS to carry out this kind of mass assassination plan of terrorist/military action is ONLY feasible , through an organizational, material and logistic support of established power of state/s. For the proletariat it must be very clear that this Islamist war/terror is an inter-imperialist/states issue. The danger of war is expanding towards the center and ruling classes consider this as war game with no intention of ending it. The only way out from the capitalist hell in the M.E. and preventing its extension to the rest of the world is to organize ourselves as a class against all constructions of the state/capital setups. The proletariat in Middle East region has been weakened after decades of ongoing process of warfare and socio-economic dysfunctional social fabric: However, the line of class struggle goes through the decisive battle against the triangle power of state/capital/Islamism in this region. The capitalist world order is trying to balance humanity on the edge of life and death in a sense: The Middle East is burning and it is moving toward an exploding destination; total disintegration. Imperialist system of core-periphery relations is following blindly the irrational logic of capital accommodation in preparing a general war that will bring upon us the death and destruction of society as a whole. The only historic subject/agent who can deliver a human perspective against this capitalist perspective of war, terror and death is the proletarian class.

Hamid Moradei 2015-11-16

1) This example fits in a larger pattern: The establishment denies that Islamism—a form of Islam that seeks to make Muslims dominant through an extreme, totalistic, and rigid application of Islamic law, the Shari'a—represents the leading global cause of terrorism when it so clearly does. Islamism reverts to medieval norms in its aspiration to create a caliphate that rules humanity. "Islam is the solution" summarizes its doctrine. Islam's public law can be summarized as elevating Muslim over non-Muslim, male over female, and endorsing the use of force to spread Muslim rule.

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James MacBryde
Jan 25 2016 11:27

I like this and I find it worthwhile reiterating:

Thus, the proletariat from the Middle East (origins of civilization/class society, around 3500 BC) to Paris (this first city of proletarian revolution, Paris commune, 1871),...

I don't like this:

...needs to consider this classic slogan ['liberté, fraternité, equalite`], abandoned by the ruling classes of the capitalist order since the French revolution, as a point in its own socio-political revolutionary project to realize.

The bourgeoisie still aspires to freedom [of trade], equality [of opportunities] and fraternity [between classes]. I prefer the battle cry I read early this morning:

The Revolution in Permanence.