Yellow Vests respond to the call from Commercy

Yellow Vests Montreuil

The assembly of yellow vests from Montreuil has answered the call from Commercy. They have accepted the invitation to attend the assembly of assemblies.

They confirmed the importance of not splitting the movement into “good” and “bad” demonstrators.

"300 people resisting against the police to defend a roundabout, that is proletarian self defence. 3000 people attacking banks or the ministry, that is the uprising of a people that is angry.”

“Neither skin colour, place of birth nor gender, sexual orientation or religion will divide us. We must be united in our differences, if we want to build a fair and better world.”

The yellow vests call on the formation of education clubs; “in Montreuil we are founding “a club of yellow vests”, following the example of the French revolution, when people met in clubs for public education. Learning makes us less easy to manipulate and allows us to to put our collective thinking towards concrete actions to improve our daily lives. “

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Johanna Schellhagen
Jan 18 2019 13:34


  • 300 people resisting against the police to defend a roundabout, that is proletarian self defence.

    Yellow Vests Montreuil

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Johanna Schellhagen
Jan 18 2019 13:34

and here's the video with english subs wink

Nymphalis Antiopa
Feb 20 2019 10:54

Calls for assemblies and popular occupations involve seizing space and talking about our problems, our contradictions and ways to solve them. But they can be very limited if the commodification of the world, of the idea of a State and of hierarchical relations don’t become an essential critical aspect of the struggle. Even worse, if they remain tolerant towards xenophobic ideas or political parties, they simply conform to the citizenist notion that all ideas are equivalent and deserve to be politely discussed, as if we could have a polite conversation with our future executioners.