What actually Happened in Bristol – and How a Narrative is Built

An article from a member of Bristol Anarchist Federation on the Kill the Bill demonstration and media narratives around it.

The Spectre Of Expropriation

The initiative "Deutsche Wohnen & Co enteignen" (Expropriate Deutsche Wohnen & Co) aims at expropriating big housing companys in Berlin by referendum.
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Property Managers-The Parasites Inside the Rat

An article condemning Property Managers as social parasites.

Report: Rotorua Homelessness Public Meeting

A report on a public meeting held in Rotorua, Aotearoa/New Zealand about homelessness.

Repression against striking workers in Italy

Zerocalcare Piacenza

After blockades and a succesful strike at TNT-Fedex in Piacenza massive police operations and violence against workers and unionists:

Construction workers target NG Bailey and Balfour Beatty in de-skilling dispute

Construction workers are taking ongoing action against major construction companies in response to an attempt to use lower-paid workers with less training to carry out vital electrical work.

[Contra la Contra #4] Pandemic is domestication

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• [Contra la Contra #4] Pandemic is domestication
• [Contra la Contra #3] Will the capitalist system collapse? [Some notes on current events]

The 14 year old Minecraft-”terrorists” of Russia

Denis Mikhaylenko and Nikita Uvarov

Kansk is a city with a population of 90 000 in Siberia, Russia. The
closest city with a million inhabitants is Krasnoyarsk, 250 kilometers
westwards. Two boys, who turned 15 years old last year, Nikita Uvarov
and Denis Mikhaylenko, have been in jail since last summer, accused of
plotting a terrorist attack. According to the charges, they were, among
other things, planning to build the headquarters of the Russian security
service FSB in Minecraft, and to blow it up there. During the Soviet
Era, the FSB had different names, the last before the disintegration of
the Soviet union being FSB.

“You have shown us that being peaceful is useless” – The Case of Pablo Hasél

The following is an interview with an anonymous anarchist in Spain regarding the recent riots and general response to the prosecution of anti-fascist rapper Pablo Hasél. This interview was conducted by Radio Fragmata from Greece, and previously published by Enough is Enough.