Map problems

I've just upgraded to Internet Explorer eight. The good news is, the site pretty much works! The problem with 7 is now gone.

The only thing which doesn't seem to work is marking stories on a map - part of the map is not visible, and wherever you click the marker appears randomly somewhere else

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Nov 17 2009 11:18


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Feb 9 2010 01:25

I'm having marker problems too. if i'm adding a page and want to mark it, I have to click on the map randomly until the marker appears. Usually it appears around greenland or random spots unconnected to where I was clicking. After that I can find the marker, I can drag it where I want to and it works.

I'm using FF 3.5.7

Feb 9 2010 09:29

I had a problem with a previous browser, maybe an older version of Firefox but I can't remember. I upgraded Firefox and it was okay- although strangely having just checked I am also using 3.5.7, but for me it's alright.

Mike Harman
Feb 14 2010 12:09

So the module that provides this is 'gmap'.

It's in a bit of limbo at the moment, no stable release for more than a year. We could upgrade to the latest cvs on dev.libc, try it out and if it's better than the one we're running, try moving to that. In terms of specific bugs, best off having a look at to see if there's a patch or already fixed issue related to this. If the dev version is no better that's the next best thing.

May 7 2011 14:32

The problem now is different, since you did a Drupal upgrade a while ago (I flagged it in the thread you started asking if there were any problems after the upgrade)

basically the map now misbehaves, it used to automatically zoom in to the spot where you clicked, but now does not do that. It was better when it did zoom in. But if it can't be fixed or would take a long time it's not a big deal…