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Aug 14 2006 19:58
Communist League

Admin - a follow-on from a discussion on backup forums here

Jack asked me what I had found out about them, so I thought I would post it for anyone interested:

Wiki wrote:
The Communist League, often referred to simply as "the League", is a recently formed clandestine communist organization, based in the United States, but also having members in other countries, that works for the overthrow of capitalism and the capitalist state, and the establishment of a workers' republic (or working people's republic) as the first step toward communism.

One unique view of the League is the division of the historical progression of America into the "First Republic" (founded with the adoption of the constitution), "Second Republic" (beginning with post-Civil War reconstruction), and the "Third Republic" of the future (which is described as a workers' republic).[1] In the view of the league, the Second Republic, the most recently perished, was terminated with the victory of the regime of George W. Bush.[2]

The Communist League was formed in November 2004 at a Provisional Convention held in an undisclosed location in the United States[3]. The impetus for the formation of the League was the aftermath of the 2004 election in the US, which they contend was a second coup d'etat by the Bush regime[4]. Though it does not formally recognize itself as such, the Communist League is guided by principles and theories associated with Marxism.[5] However, the Communist League does not associate itself with any of the 20th century's Marxist trends, such as Leninism, Trotskyism, Maoism or the "official" Communist parties, though it does accept members of these tendencies.[6]

The Communist League has three central publications, The Worker [Communist], Working People's Advocate and Workers' Republic. The Worker [Communist] is a biweekly bulletin containing articles and commentary from the League. Working People's Advocate is a bimonthly tabloid newspaper, the "voice of the Central Committee of the Communist League". Workers' Republic is a quarterly "political journal" containing programmatic statements from the League, called Bulletins, and longer analytical and theoretical articles. The Communist League also produces other literature, including leaflets, pamphlets and books.

Because of its clandestine character, the names of its members, and its total membership, are kept secret. The only known name of a member of the Communist League is Henry "Hank" Miles, who is the editor of Workers' Republic and a public spokesperson for the organization.[7]

The Communist League is an organizational affiliate of the International Working People's Association, which is a public organization, and its members participate in the IWPA's local bodies.[8]

The Communist League has no relation to, and should not be confused with, groups outside of the United States that go by the name "Communist League", which are affiliated with the Pathfinder tendency and led by the Socialist Workers Party (United States).

OliverTwister in pm wrote:
I'm curious as to why you were curious about them. They are strange - its hard to tell what trend they came from. They are very 'workerist' in a way that is not so bad, however 'workers republic' is a wierd title for a newspaper that reeks of Connelyism. The groups united into the "IWPA" seem to be a mixed bag - one is a Detroit electoral group, the Free People's Movement are very Castroite, etc. What is very interesting is that they link to prol-position and the IWW, and even mention that many of them are involved in the IWW (shudder). Some of the anarchist IWWs have nopticed what seem to be qierd marxist factions lately, but it is a whole new thing to see them openly admit it. Anyways thanks for bringing them up, i'd ran across them before but had not noticed the IWW link.

PS two things that strike me as odd: they are very new and do not talk about their origins - i think the entire IWPA and all the groups in it were founded in 2004 but i have never heard o them splitting from something else. They also publish an awful lot, for a group who i've never heard of or ran across in any meaningful way.

Anyways, hope you are well

straight from the horses mouth wrote:
devrimankara,Aug 10 2006, 01:43 PM wrote:
Actually, I have just skimmed through them (since you posted that). I think most of them are pretty vague, and could represent any leftist tendency. It did get a little more interesting near the end, but maybe the most interesting thing is the refusal to tell us which tradition you belong to. Leo said you would do this. I can't quite see why though.

It's not a matter of "refusing". The fact is that we claim none of the "traditions" of the self-described communist movement of the 20th century as our own. They all have problems and they all fail to measure up to the theoretical and practical standards set by Marx and Engels during their lifetimes.

Yes, many of our founding members came from these "traditions", but most of our members today do not. We decided that our starting point would be to review the experiences of the 20th century and draw the appropriate lessons. We did that before forming the League, and, in some ways, continue to do some of that work today. There are some theories and analyses we find valuable to a communist movement today, and many others that we see as useless to the fight for a classless, communist society.

So, split your bets accordingly. This is the best answer you're going to get.


Strange, huh?


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Aug 15 2006 03:31

After thinking about it, i'd say based on the talk about 'republics' and the entryism to the IWW, they're post-deleonist.