who are the libcom group?

The libcom.org group is a small collective of libertarian communists based mainly in the UK and the US. We run libcom.org, and as individuals are involved with a number of other groups and activity.

Meet the libcom.org group

Mike Harman
Mike Harman found fame early when chosen to be the Milky Bar Kid. Now out of rehab, he plays jazz and is an IT worker.
Juan Conatz
Minneapolis Jew Rican and member of the Industrial Workers of the World. One of the primary reasons a general strike never happened in Wisconsin.
Joseph Kay
Brighton-based libertarian communist and anarcho-syndicalist. Also a member of Solfed, and estranged brother of horrific acid jazz singer Jay.
Steven Johns is a council worker, libertarian communist, Anarchist Federation member and hipster wanker.
Ed Goddard is a libertarian communist schools worker and Jew.
A substance misuse worker, call centre worker, education worker and AF member residing in Edinburgh, Ramona also provides vocals to Crystal Castles and was once described as "the soft face of anarchism".
Our token ginger: a libertarian communist nurse in East London.
Pingtiao is a libertarian communist medical doctor living in the West Country, who once killed a crocodile with his bare hands.