Content on is divided up in several ways. The main types of categorisation are: sections, regions, sectors and tags.

More detailed descriptions of these categories is given in the pages listed below.

Sections are the different areas of which index different types of content. The main sections are news, history, thought, organise, library, the forums and notes.

These are linked to at the top of every page, and can also be accessed from the home page

Most of our content is classified by the geographical region to which it is most relevant. These are divided into Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Oceania, North America, South America, UK and Western Europs.

Our content is also classified by the industrial or work sector it is about. We have thirteen main sectors: claimants and unpaid, communications, construction, education and learning, energy, health and medicine, manufacturing and materials, media and culture, military and law enforcement, public and third sector, retail and food, services, and transport.

Tags are more specific classifications which group content into different topic areas. Tags group together articles according to any number of features, including the subject of the articles, the country or city they are about, key events, individuals, corporations, decades or centuries.