Library and History article format guidelines

Information on the layout and format of articles posted to libcom library

- Please only capitalise the first letter of any article titles (and any other already-capitalised words of course).
E.g. Capital, labour and primitive accumulation, not Capital, Labour and Primitive Accumulation.
- Please add the author's name to the title after a dash.
e.g. Capital, labour and primitive accumulation - Werner Bonefeld

Please try to write an abstract for the introduction field for your article, explaining what it is about. This will appear on indexes like this: Try to keep it to around 150 characters, or 1.5 to 2.5 lines of text in the entry field.

Please also put - whenever possible - the original source of the article at the the end of the article; its book, magazine and/or website publication details, date and location of publication etc.

If possible, please add a relevant (non-copyright) image to your article via the upload form, this will also appear in indexes.

Most tags are added by libcom editors, but you can add the following:

Authors and groups. This applies only for writers and groups you'd expect to find in the library - i.e. alongside Marx, Kropotkin, Wildcat, Situationists etc. if the article mentions trade unions etc. these will be added as tags.

Sector: if the article deals with a particular sector or sectors, you can add that here.
Region: Please add the primary region the article deals with, if it has international scope, best to leave this blank rather than selecting every one.

Since September 2007, all historical articles are now found in our history section (this includes any detailed analysis of recent events that is not suitable for /news). All theoretical articles can now be found in the library.

If you need technical help with posting articles, or are not sure which section they should go in, please post in our feedback forum

Many thanks, and happy posting!