Do think Evita Peron was Evil?

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Apr 4 2005 07:11



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Apr 4 2005 07:11

I am still confused when it comes to this. What did she do exactly? Was it the fact that she took money from the rich and gave it to the poor. Or is there something else?

Why was her husband arrested? I still confused about that too! I mean i read a article on this but the vocabulary was just to "rich" for me to understand embarrassed

What is the link between Peron and Hilter?

Please Please , if someone has answer please please reply i really need help! sad

Hopefully i'll get a reply in few days confused

One more thing her only connection to hitler was that she was a fan right?... and she relocated all the nazi's and brought them back to her own country????

Apr 4 2005 08:51

Juan Peron was an army Colonel who became leader of a populist form of nationalism based strongly in the Argentine working class. Basically Peronism was an anti-imperialist movement and a unique mix of social democratic values, nationalism and strict hierarchy. Although a democratic movement, Peronism dictated that within the movement orders should eminate from the bureaucracy of the union movement and the leaders of the Peronist Party (it's the nationalism and social hierarchy that created the sneaking admiration for Fascism). Overall a fairly inexplicable mix of many political philosphies.

Basically Peron and his successors were overthrown by military dictatorships periodically because his rather limited social reforms were a threat to the old ruling class dependent on alliances with western capital.

Evita, Colonel Peron's wife, gained a reputation (more reputation than reality) as a fiery populist far to the left of her husband. She died very young, aged 33 and rather retained her glamour.

Interesting thing about Peronism is that despite the reactionary ideology at its base the hierarchial trade unionism provoked a very militant rank and file movement against both union leaders and capitalism. As a result there was a very sizeable workers control movement and years of factory occupations, strikes and insurgency. Good example of social reality intruding upon doctrinal inadequacy.

Jacques Roux
Apr 4 2005 12:24

We have an article:

Which is one of the most popular ones on the history section judging by the ggogle referals!

Apr 4 2005 13:16

She was a fascist.

What more do you want?

Whilst the AF article on the history section is good, we should also stress just how many "ex"- Nazis were able to live out their time in Argentina (and neighbouring countries) thanks to the Catholic church and the Perons.

Now is a particularly relevant time to mention this, whilst the Catholic church is preening itself in front of the world..........

Apr 4 2005 13:19
Poise3 wrote:

One more thing her only connection to hitler was that she was a fan right?... and she relocated all the nazi's and brought them back to her own country????

A 30 second google search will bring up tons of information here. For example:

Apr 10 2005 12:49

Okay well she was pretty bad but she DID do good things for her country like gave woman rights in argentina.. roll eyes and she had charities even though some of it went to her...What does "Fascism" mean?? embarrassed .. i found out that she got money from all the Nazi's and it was tranferred into a swiss bank.. and some of it is still there... but how/ and why did Juan Peron get arrested???.... i know i know ...the whole "Peronism" thing but still can anyone actually get arrested for things like that???? confused ...

Apr 15 2005 11:34

Peronism is a form of Third Positionism. That's what they call it; rather than fascism.

Apr 15 2005 20:03

From an anarchist point of view it's unthinkable to even start considering "but she did do some good things"... it's like saying "but Hitler did boost employment with his camps"... She was a cross between Diana and Rose West.

Disturbingly on urban75 there are people who actually think peronism was a good thing -- taking leftism to the peaks of its stupidity.

Which fools voted no?

Apr 20 2005 15:35

Again...What does "Fascism" mean?? .. i have no clue, no offence to anyone but your "language" is to rich for some1 like me embarrassed ... sorrry. Anyway my histroy teacher say that the whole "Evita-Peron- hidding -nazi's-in-argentina" is just rumours. Its doesn't mean its true and that there is no proof. Just the World Wide Web. And let;s face it sometimes www isn't accurate confused

Apr 20 2005 16:40

In the thought section there is a thread on fascism, I'd recommend having a look at it. smile