Guess which author index has had the most hits:

Bookchin, Murray
10% (4 votes)
Cleaver, Harry
18% (7 votes)
Lukacs, Georg
3% (1 vote)
Kropotkin, Peter
8% (3 votes)
Engels, Frederick
0% (0 votes)
Marx, Karl
38% (15 votes)
Negri, Antonio
5% (2 votes)
Adorno, Theodor
3% (1 vote)
Bakunin, Mikhail
15% (6 votes)
Total votes: 39

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Mar 23 2006 16:08



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Mar 29 2006 01:28
I'm liking you more and more Haraldur

Why, thank you. It is good at least that I have not had a bad start here. smile

Guess the top three? Would that be 10!/7! = 10x9x8 = 720 to 1? I think so! (Any excuse for mathematics on a forum... hehe...)

Apart from Malatesta's Anarchy, I think I have only read some Marx, some Bakunin and some Kropotkin.

So, there is a 1 in 720 chance of me being correct, here is my guess:

1. Kropotkin

2. Bakunin

3. Marx

Lone Wolf
Apr 4 2006 02:16

So when will we hear the results of this then? Not that I'm competitive or anything! wink

Apr 4 2006 11:02

Okay well I will give answer tomorrow morning, so will be accepting new entries until then.

Get them in if you wanna win the thing from my house, and the respect of your online peers.

Apr 4 2006 11:15

1 Marx

2 Bookchin

3 Negri


Apr 5 2006 13:24

1) Marx

2) Cleaver

3) Kropotkin

in that order. do i win a libcom mug? smile

Apr 5 2006 13:30

Right I'm leaving the office at half 4 - that leaves you lot 2 hours!

Apr 5 2006 13:32

To help you out, no one has guessed correctly yet, so you can all have another go.

Apr 5 2006 13:33

oooo okay

- bakunin

- negri

- kropotkin

jef costello
Apr 5 2006 14:48




Bodach gun bhrigh
Apr 5 2006 15:07





Apr 5 2006 15:12

18 mins to go!

actually more like 10 cos I'm gonna shut my PC down first. BUT looking at the stats the 4th place guy is only one hit behind no. 3, so it could all change at the last minute. Edge of your seat stuff neutral

Joseph Kay
Apr 5 2006 15:16

so own up who cares enough to be hammering refresh for the next 10 minutes? roll eyes not me grin

Apr 5 2006 15:19

Well nobody won - the top 3 are:

1. Marx

2. Engels

3. Kropotkin

I'll carry the mediocre prize over into a similar competition soon... maybe guessing the most popular texts...

the button
Apr 5 2006 15:31

Engels? eek

Nobody voted for Engels in the poll.

Apr 5 2006 15:57

At No. 2! angry

Come on, own up - who's the Engels lover here?!

Apr 5 2006 16:42




Lone Wolf
Apr 5 2006 18:00

It's not fair! Didn't know there was going to be another go! I mean, I came v. close getting No. 1 and No. 3! Might have got it had I had another go! Bah! Some communist you are John. angry wink Was a bit scared of the sound of the thing in your house anyway TBH black bloc

Apr 5 2006 18:23
Lone Wolf wrote:
It's not fair! Didn't know there was going to be another go! I mean, I came v. close getting No. 1 and No. 3!

My supervisor today was telling me she came really close to winning money on the lottery, got 2 numbers, and 2 numbers nearly right. I'll tell you what I told her: tough shit.


Lone Wolf
Apr 5 2006 18:31

John - Bastard! angry