Namibia: Miners in wildcat strike

Map showing the location of the Rosh Pinah mine

About 200 workers have gone on a wildcat strike in protest against the sacking of a union leader, disrupting production at the Exxaro Rosh Pinah zinc and lead mine in the South.

South Africa: diamond miners strike

Diamond mine owned by De Beers

Miners in South Africa voted on Friday to launch an unlimited strike.

Mozambique sugar plantation wildcat continues

Sugar plantation workers

Around 4,000 workers in Sofala province having rejected government calls to return to work and a divisive offer aimed only at cane cutters and not the other plantation workers, insisting their demands will be met collectively or they will remain on strike.

One dead in Mozambique wildcat strike

A sugar plantation

One person died and three others were injured, two of them seriously, when violent clashes broke out on Monday at the Mafambisse sugar plantation, in the central Mozambican province of Sofala, after about 4,000 seasonal workers went on strike.

Ivory Coast: primary school teachers continue strike

The strike, which originally began in November and was suspended in January, came back into effect on the 14th of June.

Ivory Coast: hospital workers win strike over benefits and bonuses

Workers at the University hospital in Treichville have ended a three-week strike after management agreed a series of concessions.

Ivory Coast: customs and tax officers strike

Tax officers and customs officers launched strikes this week to demand payment of bonuses.

Zambia: Mine workers wildcat strike

First Quantum’s Kansanshi mine, Zambia

Workers at the First Quantum Kansanshi copper mine have been refusing to work since Wednesday when they noticed that an agreed pay rise had not been properly implemented.

Cameroon: wildcat strikes win improvements for hospital staff

Douala hospital

Nurses and other hospital workers have won important concessions after launching a country-wide wildcat strike on Monday

South Africa: 260,000 workers on strike

South African workers take to the streets in May 2007

Striking workers in the metal and engineering industries said yesterday it was time they got a slice of the profits that they worked so hard to create.