Eastern Europe

Serbia: Students protest and occupy

Student blockade

A participant's report of new student protests against neo-liberal "reforms" of the education sector.

Pilarski, Alfons, 1902-1977 aka Janson, aka Jan Rylski, aka Alfons Kompardt


A biography of Alfons Thomasz Pilarski, a German anarcho-syndicalist who took part in the German and Polish anarchist and anti-nazi movements.

Strike at Russian Ford plant

Ford workers in St. Petersburg vote for strike action

A strike halted production on Wednesday at U.S. car maker Ford's plant near St Petersburg, one of the biggest in Russia owned by a foreign auto maker, after a months-long dispute over pay and conditions.

Re-visiting the east ... and popping in at Marx's - Gilles Dauvé

Construction of the Berlin Wall

Apart from North Korea and Cuba, no country calls itself socialist any more. So why bother about old debates on the nature of the USSR? Since capitalism rules the world, what else is there to know?! A great deal.

Repression against Polish posties

Workers Initiative Organise Fight Back

After the strikes of postal workers in November, the authorities of Polish Post (Poczta Polska) are repressing the participants of the protest and also trade union activists. Bartosz Kantorczyk, one of the people that have started the strike, was moved to work in another post office.

Doubinsky, Jacques, 1889-1959

Jacques Doubinsky

A short biography of Ukrainian Jewish anarchist and Makhnovist Jacques Doubinsky, who was also active in France and Bulgaria.

Stetner, David, 1914-2002

David Stetner in 1957

A short biography of Romanian-Jewish anarchist and French resident David Stetner, who founded Yiddish anarchist journal Der Freie Gedank.

Poland: Deal between post bosses and unions condemned

An analysis of the deal struck between Polish postal service bosses and unions following the strikes of last month, which saw workers drop many demands.

Going east: Direct investments in Eastern Europe

New Toyota Peugeot Citroen Automobile in the Czech Republic

Article looking at the flow of investments from Germany (and elsewhere in Western Europe) to countries further east.

Foreign investments in the Czech Republic: Boom or fall? 2004

Czech factory

Article analysing foreign investment and business in the Czech Republic since 1989 and recent changes which are occuring.