Eastern Europe

Poland postal strike: new developments

An update on the postal workers strike in Poland. As it has spread bosses have offered a pay increase, but way below workers' demands.

Student protests in Italy and Slovakia, 2005

Two short articles about school and university student demonstrations, March 2005.

First strike for thirteen years at Skoda, Czech Republic, 2005

Polish miners killed, trapped in massive blast

8 miners have been killed and 15 more remain trapped following an explosion in a deep coal mine yesterday in Ruda Slaska, Southern Poland. Reports suggest the miners were knowingly put at risk to recover company property.

Poland: Postal workers strike

Mail carriers across Poland are strike for better pay and working conditions. Polish anarchists report on the stoppage and actions they have taken to support it.

Update: European car-industry, 2005

Tram drivers' strike in Prague, 2003

Strike at Skoda auto, Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic, 2005

Wild ride - a different perspective on the Czech car industry

1921-1953: A chronology of Russian anarchism


A brief timeline of the anarchist movement and anarchist activity in the USSR, and its repression by Soviet authorities following the Russian Revolution.