Eastern Europe

First strike for thirteen years at Skoda, Czech Republic, 2005

30 March: Some 12,000 of the 21,000 employees at Skoda walked off the job for an hour on the 30th of March, putting the company 240 cars under its daily quota of about 2,000.

Polish miners killed, trapped in massive blast

8 miners have been killed and 15 more remain trapped following an explosion in a deep coal mine yesterday in Ruda Slaska, Southern Poland. Reports suggest the miners were knowingly put at risk to recover company property.

Update 23/11/06: The death toll has now risen to 23, with no survivors.

Poland: Postal workers strike

Mail carriers across Poland are strike for better pay and working conditions. Polish anarchists report on the stoppage and actions they have taken to support it.

On Nov. 13, a wildcat strike of mail carriers started in the Gdansk post office. Now the strike has been taken over by different unions, mostly Solidarity, and has spread to most major cities in Poland.

The mail carriers' demands include:
- an 8 hour work day for all workers of the Polish Post (most mail carriers work 10-12 hours daily)

Update: European car-industry, 2005

Various short articles on different developments within the European car industry in early 2005.

Tram drivers' strike in Prague, 2003

The history of a short strike of Czech tram drivers, with a detailed account from the picket lines. The strike had the first picket line violence between police and strikers since 1989, and was defeated, but still has some important lessons.

Strike at Skoda auto, Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic, 2005

Account of a small but significant strike at a Skoda (owned by Volkswagen) factory in the Czech Republic.

Wild ride - a different perspective on the Czech car industry

The following article was written by comrades from the Czech Republic. Following their analysis of the strike at Skoda they investigated the development of the car industry in the Czech Republic more thoroughly, concentrating on Škoda/Volkswagen, TPCA (Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile) and the suppliers.

1921-1953: A chronology of Russian anarchism


A brief timeline of the anarchist movement and anarchist activity in the USSR, and its repression by Soviet authorities following the Russian Revolution.

“But we do not fear you or your hangmen. Soviet 'justice' may kill us, but you will never kill our ideals. We shall die as anarchists and not as bandits.”
- The anarchist Fedor Petrovich Machanovski at his trial before the Petrograd Revolutionary Tribunal, 13th and 22nd December 1922

Holidays in Albania - Part 1, 1997

An account by EP of the Albanian south between 20 - 25 March during the uprising, plus two characteristic dialogues.

This is the first of two articles written by two collaborators of "Alpha", a weekly Greek anarchist paper and published in issue 89, 7 April 1997

A Review of Kropotkin's "The Conquest of Bread"

Gary Hayter