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Recurring Dreams - the red heart of fascism

At the heart of the cancerous desires of today's left.

The Role of the Dual Carder in the IWW - Joshua Freeze

Joshua Freeze explains how he sees the role of members of the IWW who are also in mainstream unions.

The Intermediate Level and Trajectories of Struggle

A response to Miami Autonomy & Solidarity's Defining Practice: the intermediate level of organization and struggle.

What Does the IWW Do?

An IWW member evaluates 2 goals: industrial power and developing organizers, and explores where they overlap and where they don't.

Night of the living geeks - how I learned to start worrying and hate the cuties

Geeks are a nice species of creature. Cutely dressed, delicate, fragile, softly spoken to the point of mutism. Yet, they have managed to colonize the collective imagination of an entire generation. This generation. But who are the geeks? And how could this species of shy elves take over the innermost sanctums of the western cultural environment?

Anti-war statement from Antithesis (NYC-NEFAC)

Leaflet against the Iraq war written by the Antithesis collective (NYC-NEFAC) and distributed at an anti-war rally in New York City on October 27th.

Electricity workers refuse work in Trinidad and Tobago

Two Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (TTEC) Customer Service Centres remained closed yesterday because most of the employees did not show up for work.

Mexico: 50 workers lose their jobs in garment factory due to union organising drive

Mexican factory workers protest against their sackings

Over 50 employees of a garment factory in Tehaucán, Puebla have been sacked for their affiliation with rival trade unions and non-governmental organisations.

Mexico: Workers at the country's biggest university to vote on pay cut

STUNAM workers in Mexico City

Workers at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) in Mexico City will vote on whether to strike or accept an offer of a 4.25% pay rise which even the under-fire union leader admits will amount to a sharp pay cut in relation to inflation.

St. Louis bus wildcat to end

School bus

Two days into a wildcat walkout against the union they claim has misrepresented their interests, the drivers and monitors serving the St. Louis Public Schools have announced that they will return to their bus routes this morning.