North America

Canada: Opposition tries to prevent transport wildcat strikes

After a wildcat strike last month Canadian politicians are taking legal steps to limit the right to strike.

This is what recuperation looks like: the rebellion in Oaxaca and the APPO - Kellen Kass

A detailed, critical look at the events in Oaxaca, Mexico, from an anarchist perspective.

The new bad guys - Wildcat

A critical look at the various theories surrounding the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, which claimed 168 lives and left over 800 injured. While we disagree with some of the article we reproduce here for reference.

New world order: rhetoric and reality - Wildcat

Wildcat's analysis of the post-Cold War "New World Order."

Mexico: miners strike against government interference

Miners in Mexico launched an unlimited wildcat strike on Wednesday last week.

The many headed hydra: Sailors, slaves, and the atlantic working class in the eighteenth century - Marcus Rediker and Peter Linebaugh

Article on class struggle and compositon in the period leading up to and during the American revolution, showing how the struggles of sailors and slaves drove the movement to national liberation.

Pirate utopias: Under the banner of death, 1640-1820

An interesting look at the life and times of pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries. This article explores the somewhat libertarian and communalist values which guided the life of a pirate during those years.

Trinidad: Nurses on work-to-rule

Public Services Association president Jennifer Baptiste-Primus

Nurses have been told to work to rule at medical institutions from today.

Making a killing - Christian Dewar

Article detailing links between big business and the Nazi regime during World War II.

Anti-capitalist actions around mass transit in San Francisco, 1993-1995

A personal account of some actions towards encouraging a "culture of non-payment" in a big city public transit system.